NJ - 28 Arrested in Sexual Predator Sting

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    Wow, and they got 28 in Florida too....

    UPDATE: 28 arrested in Ocean County sexual predator sting
    Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 04/2/07

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    TOMS RIVER — Ocean County Prosecutor Thomas F. Kelaher today announced the arrests of 28 men who came to a house in Mantoloking from Thursday until Sunday seeking to have sex with who they thought were children between the ages of 12 and 15.

    The sting operation was conducted at the behest of Perverted Justice, a California-based, non-profit organization seeking to bring to justice adults who use the Internet to lure children for sexual liaisons, Kelaher said at a news conference.

    Those arrested were filmed by Dateline NBC for an upcoming segment of its "To Catch a Predator" series.

    All of those arrested were charged with attempted sexual assault and luring, both
    second-degree crimes carrying potential, 10-year prison terms.

    They were identified as:

    David. C. Russell, 39, compounder, Driftwood Drive, Jackson;

    Chris Raynor, 22, custodian, Miry Brooke Road, Hamilton;

    Eugene E. Daily, 54, Postal bus driver, Martin Place, Middletown;

    Terry Warner, 60, engineer, Ladwood Drive, Holmdel;

    Robert A. Grabner, 25, dairy man for Pathmark, Vaughn Ave., Toms River;

    William R. Hare, 21, lifeguard, Hyde Court, Bedminster;

    James D. Marcotte, 32 , printing press operator, Stuyvesant Drive, Lumberton;

    John P. Donnelly, 21, salesman, Victoria Lane, Ocean View;

    Ernest C. Timmons, 32, Air Force mechanic, 13th Ave. S., Spanaway, Wa;
    Dwayne J. Chisholm, 29, manager, LA fitness, Beckerstown Way, Chesterfield;

    Sean Erick Saintil, 29, school bus driver, North 52nd St., Philadelphia, Pa.;

    Kazuo Akutso, 37, salesman, 29th St., New York, N.Y.;

    Daniel F. Figueroa, 23, unemployed, Star St., Brooklyn;

    Todd C. Lewis, 36, printer, Tanner St., Expat, Pa.;

    Zigfield Rivera, 21, pizza maker, Carey Ave., Staten Island, N.Y.;

    Gregory P. Stewart, 43, consultant, West Passaic St., Rochelle Park;
    Malic K. Washington, 27, student at New York University, Blake Avenue, Brooklyn;

    Rick Burnham, 42, retired firefighter, Elm St., Enfield, CT.;

    Howard Thornton III, 27, warehouseman, Delps Road, Danielsville, Pa.

    Selwyn A. Knights, 37, communications supervisor, Santangilo Ave., Lawrenceville;

    Anthony Palumbo, 46, unemployed, Shotwell Ave., Staten Island, N.Y.;

    Jeremy D. Keister, 29, car salesman, Eaglerville Road, Eagleville, Pa.;

    Michael A. Murray, 43, Little Silver A&P, 92 Almond Drive, Toms River;

    Sean C. Lee, 33, disabled and unemployed, Radio Road, Little Egg Harbor;

    Michael C. Lubrano, 25, dispatcher, Emerson Road, Hewitt;

    Justo Benavides, 23, Fed Ex driver, Stewart Avenue, Kearney;

    Savio Noronha, 32, driver, Sheridan Avenue, Bronx, N.Y;

    and Thomas Shin, 36, court administrator, Quail Ridge Drive, Plainsboro.

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    I checked the NJ Sex Offender Database and did not find any of them on there....i will check NY and PA as well but a lot of these creeps have no prior arrests so it is not surprising :furious:

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