NJ - 9 yr girl jumps three floors into officers arms, Mahwah, 2 Feb 2016

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    One 9-year-old girl in New Jersey took a leap of faith – literally.

    Sofya Doroshenko was alone in her family's condo complex on Tuesday in Mahwah when a fire broke out across the hall, ABC 7 reports. With smoke and flames blocking every exit, there was only one thing for the little girl to do.

    "We called out to her to jump, and she did!" Lt. Jeffrey Dino told the Daily Voice, noting that Doroshenko fell backward into officers' arms. "Not a scratch on her. She's the bravest little kid I've ever seen."

    One officer told the Voice that three officers stood underneath the third-floor balcony and told the little girl to climb over the railing and jump – the officer said she didn't take much persuading.
    The three cops raised their arms as the girl climbed over the balcony.

    “I called for her to jump and she kind of looked down, released herself, and just fell backwards into our arms,” Lt. Dino said.

    “That little girl jumped into the arms of angels, and those three angels will be remembered by our community for a long, long time,” Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet said. “She’s a little tough cookie for sure,”

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