NJ - Gina Gallo, 21, Bordenton Twp, 16 Nov 1981

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    Gina Gallo was reported missing on November 16, 1981. At the time, Gina was staying at the Laurel Notch Motel in Bordentown Township, New Jersey. Gina was reported to have been wearing a brown ski jacket and blue jeans. The victim's skull has been located and identified through DNA. Ms. Gallo remains in NamUs pending additional recovery.
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    There is a picture of Gina on this December 5, 1997 article: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/144339102/

    I don't have access to newspapers.com or I would try to copy it here.

    The OCR text I can see from the article:
    [FONT=&quot]Gina Marie Gallo disappeared in 1981. Dental records help remains identify

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]TOMS RIVER BUREAU INVESTIGATORS, aided by a Brick Township forensic dentist, have determined that a skull found by hunters in Mercer County is that of a Burlington County woman missing since 1981. : Mercer County Prosecutor Maryann K. Bielamowicz said yesterday that the skull discovered by hunters on Nov. 28 was that of Gina Marie Gallo. Dr. Haskell Askin made the identification, Bielamowicz said. Hamilton Township police informed Gallo's parents who long had contended their daughter was the victim of foul play on Wednesday, according to the Times of Trenton and the Associated PressJ The published reports also indicate the parents, Pat and Polly Gallo, live in Jackson Township but that could not be confirmed yesterday., 1 ' Gallo, 22, worked as a night clerk at the Laurel Notch Motel in Bordentown Township and r shared a room there with her boyfriend when she vanished on Nov. 16, 1981. The boyfriend told police he last saw her setting out to hitchhike to the Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrence Township. Hunters found the skull on top of a trash pile in woods in an area adjacent to Interstate 295, a couple miles south of the shopping mall. - "Thankfully, this allows a conclusion from the point of view of where Gina Gallo is," said Askin, a dental forensic consultant for the Mercer County

    [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]"Fortunately for the law enforcement people and for the family, there was sufficient dental evidence in order to accomplish a dental identification . without question. It doesn't always work out that way," he said. - ; : :., ;. Askin has had Gallo's records since her disappearance. Investigators continue to search the surrounding area for the rest of Gallo's remains. Police could not give a cause of death. Although Gallo has been miss-, ing for 16 years, the case never . really faded from view, said Sgt. Al DellaFave, a spokesman for i the state police. (;; ( In November 1993, a state police inmate told authorities he helped bury the body of a young woman in Hamilton in 1981, but investigators found nothing. In 1994, authorities searched a remote area of Kingwood Township after art informant told them that Gallo's remains might ,be found in an area called "Devil's Tea Table," a large wooded area noted for its 40-foot-high cliffs and rugged terrain DellaFave said no remains were discovered in that area but tips continued to be received. In September 1996, the Gallo .' family began offering a $5,000 re-; ward for information. ;, ; " DellaFave said the woman's boyfriend, Ed Jones, was the last person to see her alive. "That would make him one of the prime people we would question," he said.[/FONT]


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