GUILTY NJ - Johnny Rollins, 22, found murdered, Atlantic City, 22 Jan 2006

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    In South Jersey, when a pregnant woman found her missing sport utility vehicle, she also found the body of her boyfriend.

    An autopsy Tuesday revealed that Johnny Rollins, 22, died of strangulation. He also had been shot in the neck with a small-caliber handgun, but experts believe the gunshot wound, by itself, would not have caused his death.

    Relatives said Rollins' girlfriend, who is 4-months pregnant with his child, last saw him Sunday night when he dropped her off at a casino.

    When the woman reported the SUV missing Monday, police directed her to South Dover Avenue in Atlantic City. That is where she and her mother found the jeep with Rollins' body inside.

    Residents on Dover Avenue told investigators that the Jeep had been parked there since Sunday.
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    The pregnant girlfriend wasn't the perp. It was his other girlfriend. From November 2010:


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