GUILTY NJ - Mary Ellen Touris, 45, found murdered, Cranford, 1 Jan 2006

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    Days before she was killed, a bloodied Mary Ellen Touris was seen at a Jersey City mall parking lot with an unidentified bearded man in what police suspected was an abduction.

    Shoppers at the Newport Centre Mall told authorities on Dec. 27 that the 45-year-old woman had a head wound and was being forced into a car. The shoppers were so concerned that they tried to stop the silver Nissan Sentra but were unsuccessful, according to police reports.

    On Jan. 1, the Cranford woman was found dead in her house, beaten and battered at the foot of her basement stairs. An autopsy showed Touris suffered severe head and body trauma.

    Jersey City police were never able to talk to Touris to determine what happened to her at the mall that afternoon because they could not find her. Touris moved to Cranford two months ago.

    "They (police) don't know whether she fell or whether she was struck," Romankow said. "She was being driven by someone believed to be the defendant. We are continuing to investigate all aspects of this homicide including this incident."
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    From January 2006:

    MSM very scarce on this case, but I found a little more detail in the book, "Behind the Yellow Tape: On the Road with Some of America's Hardest Working Crime Scene Investigators" (you'll have to scroll down a little): ellen "Christopher Pessolano"&f=false

    It says Pessolano pleaded guilty to murder and got 25 years. New Jersey DOC says he pleaded to manslaughter:

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