NJ NJ/NY - Fatih Algul, 28, Ridgefield, 27 Dec 2001


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Jun 9, 2016
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Missing Person / NamUs #MP9856
Fatih Algul

Male, White / Caucasian
Height 6' 0" - 6' 2" (72 - 74 Inches)
Weight 165 - 175 lbs

Hair Color Brown
Facial Hair Description known to wear short beard mustache
Eye Color Green

Fatih was last seen wearing his "Garden of Eden" Chef's Coat, a Blue Shirt, and Khaki Pants

Date of Last Contact December 27, 2001
Missing From Ridgefield, New Jersey
Missing Age 28 Years
Current Age 46 Years

Date of Last Contact December 27, 2001
NamUs Case Created March 24, 2011
Last Known Location Map
Location Ridgefield, New Jersey
Bergen County

Circumstances of Disappearance
Fatih was last seen on December 27, 2001 leaving the "Garden of Eden" Gourmet Market in Brooklyn, NY. Fatih was seen entering the subway station and took the number 2 train towards Manhattan. Fatih unexpectedly got off the Wall Street stop and has not been seen since. Fatih suffers from severe depression and stopped taking his medication two weeks before his disappearance. Fatih was last seen wearing his "Garden of Eden" Chef's Coat, a Blue Shirt, and Khaki Pants.

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
Bumping this case..... so strange
The Garden of Eden, now Fresh Start, was located on 180 Montague Street, which means he probably caught the 2 train at Borough Hall. From there to Wall Street in Manhattan is exactly two stops so this lines up.

According to footage, he left at 8:30pm, so I'd say he'd be at Wall Street no later than 9pm.

Tensions were still definitely high in the city because of 9/11, and Wall Street is just blocks away from Ground Zero. And unlike the rest of NYC, which retains an active nightlife, the Financial District empties out after work hours. So even though this was a Thursday night (after Christmas, no less!), there probably wouldn't be many people out and about.

I don't think the FBI is involved in his disappearance, though, but I guess there's no way to rule out a cover-up. If Fatih didn't take his own life (like in the nearby East River?), then maybe in his catatonic state he ran into someone who harmed him—maybe even as a hate crime because of recent events.

I will add that most of us New Yorkers, if we see someone just walking around in a catatonic, trance-like state, severely underdressed for the weather, after dark in a desolate area, we have learned to just avoid such a person, keep walking, don't look, and don't engage. So I don't know how well this fits with someone running into him.

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