NJ - Rosemond Octavius, 22, killed in shootout, Hamilton Twp, 29 Aug 2016 *Arrests*

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    August 30, 2016
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    One dead, five in custody after New Jersey highway shootout

    Five people have been arrested following a deadly shootout in broad daylight between moving vehicles on a New Jersey highway, police said on Tuesday.
    The incident, which occurred on Monday afternoon along the Atlantic City Expressway, involved at least two cars and left one man dead, according to state police, who were still piecing together the details of the shootout.
    State troopers responding to an emergency call found Rosemond Octavius, 22, dead in the passenger seat of a Nissan Maxima. The driver, 24-year-old Anthony Hicks, told police Octavius had been shot while they drove down the highway.



    Working with the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, troopers charged five people with weapons offenses. It is not yet clear from which vehicles the shots were fired that killed Octavius or injured the people in the Expedition, so the current charges reflect the early phase of this case.

    The investigation is still very active and updates will be supplied as new information becomes available. Troopers are still searching areas for additional evidence, so motorists could expect further police activity in the vicinity.

    Charges for occupants of the Expedition
    Unlawful possession of a Weapon, four counts each, second degree
    Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose, four counts each, third degree
    Possession of an Assault Weapon, one count each, second degree
    Possession of a defaced firearm, one count each, fourth degree
    Employing a Juvenile in a crime, first degree (for the three adult occupants of the SUV)

    Lenardo Caro, 24, of Little Egg Harbor Township

    Yahshaun Stukes-Williams, 19, of Mays Landing (currently hospitalized)

    Shaun Stukes, 38, of Atlantic City (currently hospitalized)

    a 16 year old male (not charged with the last crime listed)

    Anthony Hicks, 24, of Mays Landing (the driver of the Maxima) was charged with the first two weapons charges from the above list and Certain Persons Not to Possess a Firearm.

    Judge Switzer of the Egg Harbor Township Municipal Court authorized the charges and set bail at $250,000 full cash on all subjects.
    Charges are mere accusations and all subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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    This is the kind of situation that LE knows is going on out in the public in many cars. And it is this kind of situation that creates the nervousness during traffic stops. :cop:

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