GUILTY NJ - Shaline Seguinot, 13, raped & murdered, Camden, 1 Aug 1995

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    A New Jersey appellate court yesterday overturned the conviction of Miguel Figueroa, who was sentenced in 2002 to life in prison for the rape and murder of Shaline Seguinot, a 13-year-old North Camden girl.

    The appellate court ruled that Figueroa, now 34, should have been allowed to represent himself during parts of his trial in Superior Court in Camden. If the ruling is not reversed, Figueroa will get a new trial - to the distress of Shaline's family.

    "I feel as though they victimized me for the second time," said Shaline's mother, Lourdes Vasquez. "I just went through this two years ago and now I'll have to sit through this again."

    Sarubbi said Snyder's decision had been sound. He noted that Figueroa was convicted "largely upon conclusive DNA evidence."
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