GUILTY NJ - Trial of Christopher Gregor Allegedly Beat 6-Year-OId Son to Death #2 *NG murder, Guilty endangering welfare, agg manslaughter*

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
So far, all boilerplate instructions.

Innocent until proven guilty. BARD.

What not to consider.

What to consider.

Evidence admitted.

Limitations, strikes....

Fair, impartial jury.

Not influenced by personal opinions, bias.....

Direct and circumstantial evidence
Now, after a four-week trial that has captured widespread attention, the panel is expected to begin its deliberations after Superior Court Judge Guy P. Ryan gives his instructions on the law.

Gregor, 31, of Barnegat, is charged with murder in the death on April 2, 2021, of his young son. He also is charged with endangering the child's welfare stemming from an incident on March 20, 2021, in which he was captured on surveillance video from the gym in his apartment complex speeding up a treadmill on which Corey was running, causing the child to fall off the machine six times.

"What kind of father would do this to their son?" Christine Lento, an assistant Ocean County prosecutor, asked in her summation to the jury, adding that Gregor also increased the incline on the machine.

Full article at link...

Lengthy instruction on the treadmill video, introduced to show endangerment.

Can't use endangerment to find him also guilty of murder.

Can use the treadmill if the jury believes it shows motive, intention as the state introduced.


These two sentences accurately sum up not just why Corey died but also why so many little children are abused and killed by the people who are charged with raising them and keeping them safe.

I get it that the State wants the biological parents to pay for their offspring rather than taxpayers, but in cases like this, it puts a child in grave danger.

Maybe it's time to rethink how we deal with govt-assistance rules. The idea was to force CG to step up and pay for his child. But who paid the ultimate price?

I don't think cps ever gave cg custody, it was the illusionary upstanding family who got custody. The grandpa even referred to it as "we got custody" several times in jury-attended testimony. Why cps ignored bruises and evident abuse while cg/CM lived with gp's is the big question. That Corey was abused to death after cg had to take responsibilty is not the surprise. All day long tutoring inner city kids, coming home to a kid he resented, his hookup life quite impacted.

He never, imo, wanted sole custody of CM, ie living alone wirh him. Did one or both of his parents say "enough" gth out of here, take some responsibility? Imo someone held a huge amount of resentment, probably gma. I suspect she did the grunt work of caring for their first grandchild, while gp was always posed smiling as the bus dropped him off.

I opined before, that given the testimony of both, w/o jury, they made it clear, imo, Corey was defective.

Internet searches, flight.....

I'm struck by two things:

The weight of the task of a jury

The complexity of the task

It's like a massive flowchart. If this, then that, but if not this, then not....

My prediction based on how I hear the murder instructions --

I think the jury will find him guilty of the lesser murder charge. Aggravated or reckless manslaughter.

I don't think he intended to murder Corey. But he did show grave indifference to human life. Aware of and ignoring the risk of death.

Guilty of endangerment
Guilty of aggravated manslaughter.


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