GUILTY NJ - Vincent DeSario, 19, beaten to death, Wildwood, 10 May 2010

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    19 year old Vincent DiSario was in the resort town of Wildwood, New Jersey to play in a college golf tournament in nearby Cape May.

    DiSario and two friends made their way up to the Wildwood Boardwalk after having dinner. The boys were joking and laughing when suddenly Alberto Martinez got off his bike and pulled out his bat and swung at one of the boys as hard as he could. He then got back on his bike and left the poor kid there to die.

    Martinez a homeless man aged 28 said he thought the kids were laughing at him. Pfffffffffff. So you beat a young man to death? DiSario who had been in a coma since the attack and also developed a lung infection died yesterday.

    :furious::furious::furious:Wildwood is a right of passage for young people. It's a mecca of sorts for kids from surrounding areas and the tri-State region. Every summer when you graduated you'd go to "Senior Week". It's also a family resort where people bring their kids for rides, and games and a boardwalk that can't be replicated anywhere. For them to have all these creepers running around down there is dangerous. They need to clean up.

    Prayers for the DiSario family. I am so sorry your dear son had to be harmed like this at such a vital time in his life.

    Oh he's being arraigned on murder charges today. Police downashore have had runins with this guy but wouldn't elaborate.
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