NM - Cigarette burns on boy's back?

Discussion in 'Crimes-Spotlight on Children' started by MorenoI, Apr 27, 2011.

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    A man accused of putting out cigarettes on his 2-year-old son's back, was let out of jail and put on the honor system. But, the child's mother says he's a danger, and she's fighting to make sure her ex-husband winds up back behind bars.

    Honor system?? WTH is that?

    Rivera was charged with child abuse. The judge set a $500,000 bond because of the serious allegations. But now, he's out of jail, without paying a cent, released on his own recognizance. Meaning he's on the honor system to stay out of trouble, and stay away from his son.

    Yeah sure this is going to work out just fine!! :banghead:

    “He just says daddy, daddy did it,” said Serna. :sick:

    A check of Rivera's online court records shows convictions for drugs, DWI, robbery, and for aggravated battery against his now ex-wife.

    But yet she says (snip) “It didn't hit me for a few days because I was married to him and I didn't think he would do that to our baby.”

    Are you serious lady??
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