NM - Daniel Perez, 25, shot to death, Las Cruces, 27 Nov 2005

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    A region-wide manhunt is underway for the killer who shot a man while answering the front door to his own home. 25 year-old Daniel Perez was shot and killed early Sunday.

    Police tell ABC-7 that the shooting happened around 4:30 Sunday morning in the 5800 block of Sorrel in Dona Ana County, just miles from Onate High School. The victim's family spoke with ABC-7, still trying to come to grips with this cold-blooded killing.

    One family member told ABC-7 that, "he [Daniel] was a family person very family oriented... Always out there to help and that fact that they cut his life right no not right" the victim: Mr. Perez was a 1999 graduate of Onate High school.
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