Found Deceased NM - Geralyn Jaramillo, 48, Albuquerque, 10 March 2009

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    14 March 09

    A woman who vanished on Tuesday may have been found dead Saturday afternoon, buried in a shallow grave in her backyard.

    Family members had been searching for Geralyn Jaramillo, 48, since she went missing. They had posted flyers around town and searched the bosque, the wooded area along the Rio Grande, but to no avail.

    The family got suspicious after a neighbor told them that Jaramillo's brother had borrowed a shovel earlier in the week, so they searched their backyard.

    What appeared to be a shallow grave turned up nothing, but the family found a body they believe is hers in a second grave.

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    Brother Charged After Body of Missing New Mexico Woman Found in Backyard

    The brother of a woman whose body was found buried in her own backyard has been charged with an open count of murder.
    Officials say 47-year-old Gerard Jaramillo had been at a local hospital undergoing a mental evaluation since his sister's disappearance.
    Garalyne Jaramillo had been missing since March 10.
    Police say her body was found after a family member noticed a foot sticking up out of the ground Saturday.
    Police were called to Jaramillo's house earlier last week when family members noticed some disturbed ground in the backyard. Searchers dug down to utility lines, but found nothing.
    Police say Jaramillo lived with her brother.,2933,509379,00.html

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