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    You hear a lot about people being charged with murder even though the remains have not been found and I decided to see just how common this phenomenon really was. Over the last few days I've been going through my entire website to find cases. (Either I am extremely dedicated or I have no life. Or both.)
    Anyway, here are my results. All of these come from the Charley Project, if you want more details about the cases you have to go to the site and find their casefiles. If a name is listed twice, that means there were multiple defendants with different trial outcomes.

    Raed Nayef Al-Farah
    Lilia Edith Anguiano
    Maria Guadalupe Barrientos
    Carolyn Maryann Bealer
    Pegye Jann Bechler
    Frank Black
    Edna Laverne Blodgett
    Margie Shaw Boone
    Logan Nathaniel Bowman
    Amanda Brown
    Carolyn Denise Brown
    Sheketah Michele Brown
    Samantha Nicole Burns
    Scott Murray Campbell
    Jana Carpenter-Koklich
    Jamaree Clarence Coleman
    April Ann Cooper
    Clarissa Ann Culberson
    Amy Marie Derewitz
    Alice Donovan
    Roger Scott Dunn
    Jeanette Gomez Espeleta
    Averie Evans
    Kathern Fetzer
    Patsy Arlene Gaisior
    Thomas Dean Gibson
    Adrianne Gilliam
    Diana Deloise Goldston
    Andrea Gonzalez
    Brendan Tyler Gonzalez
    Bernice Gray
    Kristy Ann Green
    Shemaeah Nicole Gunnell
    Andrea Joy Hall
    Loreese Hennagin
    Julie May Hill
    Ruth Homberg
    Elisabeth Ann Huster
    Jack Irwin
    Angelique James
    A'Shia Monique Jenkins
    Michael Guy Johnston
    Ashley LaShay Jones
    Gail Katz-Bierenbaum
    Elizabeth Kutz
    Ronald George Levin
    Shannon Denise Melendi
    Deborah Suzzette Hernandez Moberg
    Katrina Montgomery
    Andrew Lee Muns
    Jeanna Dale North
    Brian Ognjan
    Tiffany Jennifer Papesh
    Dominick A. Pendino
    Megan Lee Ann Pratt
    Alexia Anne Reale
    Karen Reinert
    Michael Reinert
    Diana Richardson
    Katelyn Selena Rivera-Helton
    Rene Alberto Romero
    Luis Angel Sanchez
    Michael Santana
    Hartanto Teguh Santoso
    Lucinda Lynn Schaefer
    Jan Scharf
    Juliana Mae Schubert
    Jami Sue Sherer
    Irene Silverman
    Hoyle Smith
    Karen Jo Smith
    Khristine Smith
    Donetha Laverne Snead
    Danyel Lou Sparpana
    Alexandria Christine Suleski
    Duane Talmon Jr.
    Bryan Cole Thorne
    Rima Danette Traxler
    Lisa Tu
    David Tyll
    Cynthia Ann Vanderheiden
    Diane Van Reeth
    Denise Vasseur
    Barbara Ann Waldron
    Rebecca Elizabeth West
    Chevelle Yvonne Wheeler
    Sara Anne Wood

    Sondra Denise Barrington
    Christopher J. Benedetto
    Kynande Kalehje Bennett
    Mark Anthony Berumen
    Toby Jermele Bing
    Ronnie A. Bolin
    Andrea Nicole Boyette
    Marilyn E. Brinson
    Gina Dawn Brooks
    Shakeima Ann Cabbagestalk
    Tyreek Shemar Davis
    Crystal Gayle Dittmeyer
    Marion Fye
    Lora Ann Gabbert
    Martin Alan Gentry
    Jake Grant
    Carole Embery Hamilton
    Samiya Haqiqi
    Jeanine Sanchez Harms
    Audrey L. Harris
    Jackie Ellen Hawks
    Thomas Charles Hawks
    Girly Chew Hossencofft
    Karl Terry Karbowski
    Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll
    Doris Fay Lentz
    Janet Gail Levine March
    Tiana Neshelle Martin
    Ran Mesika
    Jay-Quan Lyndarius Mosley
    Alexander Sol Olive
    Tammy Sue Lynn Passineau
    Michelle Kelly Pulsifer
    Junior Reme
    Desmond Rolle
    Shelton John Sanders
    Annie Suazo
    Karol Marlene Sullens
    Timothy Antonio Washington Jr.
    Brooke Carol Wilberger
    Rilya Shenise Wilson
    Mickey Wright Sr.

    Kynande Kalehje Bennett
    Acacia Patience Bishop
    Brian R. Bleyl
    Logan Nathaniel Bowman
    Gina Dawn Brooks
    Nicole Lynn Bryner
    Toni Danieelle Clark
    Amber Nicole Crum
    Peggy Dianovsky
    Jose Esauro Dominguez
    Corrine Leanne Erstad
    Philip Palacios Gehring
    Sarah Nicole Gehring
    Charles Arlin Leon Henderson
    Loreese Hennagin
    Melvin Charles Horst
    Michalle Houchman
    Dawnia Jo Howard
    Cookie Sherron Jacobson
    Gary S. Kergan
    Deborah Leigh Key
    Charlotte June Kinsey
    Crystal L. Kipper
    Cindy Lesko
    Mistie Nicole Murray
    Cinda Leann Pallett
    Michelle Kelly Pulsifer
    Zachary Xerxes Ramsay
    Kelly Dae Wilson
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    Erica Baker- suspect has never been charged with murder, but has been convicted of gross abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence.
    Emily Rimel- suspect never charged with murder, convicted of kidnapping and not guilty of rape.
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    I don't count them on account of how they weren't charged with murder or manslaughter or otherwise causing death.
  5. mysteriew

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    True, but they are an example of how if the prosecution feels that they can show proof, they can sometimes file other charges to at least get the suspect locked up. If they feel they can prove another crime- of course. That is at the discretion of the pros. Something to keep in mind.
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    Hi! I am new here and I am wondering if anything new or anything that I may have missed is on here about Gina Dawn Brooks? She went missing when I was 8 years old and I still think about her all the time. I am not a friend or a family member I didn't even know her but it bothers me still to this day. Thank you for anything you can tell me!
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    Here's some information on Gina:
  8. GlitchWizard

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    That's alot of bodies never found. Makes you wonder how they did it.
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    Meggiweggly, I have heard of this being done but didn't realize there were so many. Maybe if you have time you can look at Niveah Gallegos case. She was the 3 year old who was dumped by her mom's BF. The autopsy report that is online states she had many bruises and injuries but they could not determine cause of death so he has not been charged. This was about 3 months ago. I wonder how they can charge people without bodies but in this case they can't charge him with anything even though they know he was alone with her when she died.
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    I wonder if any of these unfound bodies; well i wonder if the killers had access to pig farms; i'm sure ya'll are familiar with the old saying that goes with that..
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    You can add my sisters killer to your list. Michael Senter from Oregon. He is serving 25 to life for my sisters murder. We never recovered her body.

    Girly Chew Hossencroft on your list was the victim. I thought her husband was convicted?
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    I've been looking for a Websleuths mention of Michael Guy Johnston ( who appears on this list.
    It's probably a long shot that his LKA is inaccurate, right? This Unidentified ( matches him with physical description, county, and even circumstances, but as it stands now the body was found about a month BEFORE Johnston's LKA... I know it's a total long shot, but I'd love your thoughts, everyone!!
  13. LinasK

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    I don't see Hans Reiser on this list, convicted of killing his wife Nina. gave up the body upon sentencing. Also I think there were convictions in the murders of Tom & Jackie Hawks, thrown overboard alive buried at sea tied to an anchor.
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    Just FYI: You can go to Advanced Search and run a tag search for no body murder case, which will give you a list of all the threads we have that are tagged with the term.

    Not all of them have been tagged yet - still a work in progress - but I just ran the tag search and found 177 no body murder cases.

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