Nobody knows where dead British mans heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and brain are!

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    Family taking $350K in Vegas missing organs claim
    Associated PressBy KEN RITTER | AP – Wed, Jan 4, 2012

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — The family of a British commodities trader who died while partying in Las Vegas will accept $350,000 to end a federal lawsuit stemming from the disappearance of the man's internal organs after an autopsy and before his body was returned to London, their lawyer said Wednesday.

    Relatives of Richard Boorman will take $50,000 that Clark County commissioners agreed to offer on Tuesday and a pending $300,000 insurance settlement from the funeral home that handled Boorman's remains....

    What dies in Vegas stays in Vegas I guess? :dunno:
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    The funeral indistry is full of abuses. They sell a product that, barring exhumation, will never be followed up on. I read a very disturbing atrticle last year that alleges remains are sometimes not even buried where families think they are. Just wondering, why do they want his internal organs? Was there some issue re cause of death? Maybe I missed that..

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