Not the brightest Bank Robber

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    NASHUA - A man who allegedly robbed two banks left a telling clue at one heist: a paper that detailed his bail conditions on a drug charge.

    The note that Benjamin Poirier used to demand money from a Sovereign Bank teller was written on a fax sheet listing bail conditions from a Nashua District Court arraignment, police said. Poirier, 23, left the note behind at the bank, and investigators used it to track him down, police said.

    “It was obviously an error in his judgment,” police Sgt. Richard Sprankle said.

    Police arrested Poirier Thursday morning, as he slept at a friend’s residence, Sprankle said. That friend, Kenneth Perkins, allowed police to enter his home at 38½ West Hollis St., and officers observed that Perkins had stolen a ground-penetrating radar device, leading to his arrest, Sprankle said.

    Poirier is accused of robbing the Sovereign Bank at 223 Main St. late Tuesday morning. He handed a teller a note - written on the court fax - stating that he was armed and wanted money, Sprankle said.

    Police also charged Poirier with robbing the Fleet Bank branch at 213 Daniel Webster Highway last August. In that robbery, he handed a teller a note demanding money, but she didn’t react, Sprankle said. Poirier then presented the note to another teller and ultimately fled the bank with an undisclosed amount, Sprankle said.

    But Poirier left his note behind after robbing Sovereign Bank of an undisclosed amount of money, Sprankle said. The paper did not reveal Poirier’s name, but Detective Brian Battaglia determined the fax sheet had been sent March 9 from the district courthouse.
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