Notable Quotables: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly *No Discussion*


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Feb 16, 2006
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This thread [is] for collecting notable quotables that may be used as reference, elsewhere.

While not required, if you choose to post a quotable, please provide a link as well as, a brief explanation why it is notable.

While quotables are not restricted to the docuseries, please provide links to the original statement. If an original link is unavailable, please provide a link to an MSM article [or video] that quotes it.

And finally, if you see a quotable that you would like to discuss, please feel free to start a separate thread, or point to this list, when discussing in other threads.

Eta ~ when commenting on why you see some statement as "quotable" please avoid engaging in ad hominem (i.e., so-n-so is a snake, I don't like him/her, their voice gets on my nerves, etcetera and etcetera)
Okay, I'll start. Following are some notable quotables that jumped out at me when first viewing this series.

Strang: "All due respect to Counsel, the State is supposed to start every criminal case swimming upstream. And the strong current against which the State is supposed to be swimming is a presumption of innocence." -- Making A Murderer, Episode 5, The Last Person to See Teresa Alive

Comment: Presumption of Innocence is a mainstay of our court system. This is paired with the the Burden of Proof beyond a Reasonable Doubt, that all prosecutors face when bringing a case to trial. What makes Atty Strang's response quotable, is his elegant analogy.

Kratz: "Reasonable doubts [dramatic pause] are for innocent people." -- Making A Murderer, Episode 8, The Great Burden

Comment: This statement is absolutely mind boggling. The premise behind "reasonable doubt" is to mitigate sending innocent people to prison, or sentencing them to death. Taking an innocent life, whether through prison or death, is why the burden of proof must lie with the prosecution.

Kratz: "If you buy Mr. Strang's argument that they were trying to make sure that a [emphasis] guilty person was found guilty [pause] then assigning accountability to the murder for Teresa Halbach shouldn't matter whether or not that key was planted." -- Making A Murderer, Episode 8, The Great Burden

Comment: Another mind boggling statement. Of course it matters if the key was planted. Because if it was planted, it becomes Fruit of the Poison Tree.

Kachinsky: "We have a 16-year-old who, while morally and legally responsible, was heavily influenced by someone that could only be described as something close to evil incarnate." -- Making A Murderer, Episode, 4, The Indefensible

Comment: As Brendan Dassey's defense counsel, who had not even met with him, this statement, if anything was an omen of what was to come for Mr. Dassey.

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