NV - Demetrius Bolden, 20, shot dead by 82yo he tried to rob, 3 Oct 2005

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    An elderly man who fought back against an armed robber is in the hospital but his accused attacker is in the morgue.

    The violent scene unfolded at a self-serve car wash on East Sahara near Bruce on Monday night.

    "Hey good for him," said one car wash customer who only wanted to be identified by his first name, Mark. "Sometimes, you've got to fight back."

    Eighty-two-year-old L.G. Vonzehner turned over his wallet to the man who demanded his money at gunpoint. But police say the elderly victim also told the robber he had more money at home. Once inside Vonzehner's Cadillac, police say the elderly man pulled out his own gun and shot the robber. The robber then shot Vonzehner.

    Even after being shot in the chest, Vonzehner managed to stumble out of his car and flag down a driver on East Sahara, who took the victim to a nearby convenience store, where paramedics were called.
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