NV NV - Elburz, I-80, BlkMale 50-70, UP8373, silver framed front teeth, seizure meds, Dec'10

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
Do you think Franklin has any or maybe because they think he's homeless that the need to find him is maybe not as much as a priority to get them up or to even retrieve them? I hope it's not the latter to me because if he is homeless he's probably not getting the right treatment for his illness. I do hope that he is safe and well.
NAMUS now lists under "Physical/Medical" that toxicology reports show use of cannabinoids and seizure medications were used by the UID prior to his death.

There is also a photo of the recon, a full dental chart, and it says his DNA is in CODIS. However, no new rule-outs are listed.

No new news that I can find.

I hadn't noticed before that he was a very small man.
Could this man possibly be William L. Carter (AKA Craig Long) from Roswell, GA, age 49. Carter was last seen 8/21/2010, was 5 ft tall with seizure disorder requiring medication. Here is a link: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/14135/1/
I also sent the link to Elko County Sheriff's office since I didn't see Mr. Carter listed under "Excluded Persons" in the UID's Namus profile.
That's an interesting find. Definitely possible and worth sending in.
Updated link: Unidentified Person Case

no new ruleouts

And he has a reconstruction now.
Jerry Armstrong 1960 Mississippi
Osvaldo Baro 1940 New York
Bennie Crockett 1908 South Carolina
Robert Davis 1945 Louisiana
John Davis, Jr. 1954 Louisiana
Ellis Faison Sr 1925 North Carolina
JONAS JOSEPH 1956 Connecticut
Richard Lawrence 1922 Washington
Gailon Leak 1961 North Carolina
Darrell Moneyham 1961 Alabama
Michael Udow 1948 California
Andrew Willis 1955 California

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

No additional ruleouts.
I have submitted Peter Anthony Thuo as a possible match. John Doe is quite short at 5’0, and as per NAMUS, Peter is approx 4’7 - 5’0.

Peter was last heard from in April 2010, approximately 8 months before this Doe was found. From Henderson, Nevada.



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My quick reply from a detective from the operations department of Elk County
If you can direct us to which agency you are referring with an unidentified person, I will follow-up on the information and see if the lead might be associated with Peter Anthony Thuo .
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Once I sent the correct info for John Doe, I received this reply:
Thanks for the information, I questioned if that was the case/person you were referring to with our agency. Again, thanks.
I have asked if this was already looked into. I hope this helps further both cases regardless of a possible match.
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Wow, I’ve already received another reply! This detective is really on the ball tonight. His response:

I will pull the file to see if it has already been looked at, if not we will contact Henderson and see if it helps close the cases.
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The height, race, weight, age, and somewhat close proximity, all lead me to believe there is a really strong chance this is a possible match.
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Any rule outs? Wondering if Peter has been ruled out.
@Caring1 could you include any new rule outs when you have a free moment? If that’s not too much to ask.
Still 12 but here they are with photos.

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