NV NV - Judy Fox, 51, Las Vegas, 27 September 1996

I wonder if they ever found her. I was looking for updates or at least links on the Charley Project and Doe Network and nether have her listed??
Thanks..that does make sense. But I wonder if she was found...there is NO information anywhere about her?...
The author of the newspaper article is still working for the RJ. We could easily email him and find out if she is still missing or maybe he could do a follow up article. He's very active on Twitter too.
Judy Fox and Earl Hill were fighting again.

The divorced couple's rocky relationship was nothing new, but this time Vicky Smith grew so concerned about her friend's well-being that she offered Fox a safe place to stay.

"I told her, 'Move in with us,' " Smith recalls more than seven years after Fox vanished into the Las Vegas night. "I told her, 'Just get out of the house.' When she was married to him, he used to drag her around naked outside with a gun to her head."

Fox considered the offer, Smith remembers, but then declined. She was strong and proud and didn't want her personal problems to cast a shadow over Smith's home life, which included a baby just a few months old.

"I'll never forget that conversation," Smith says. "That was right before she disappeared."

[Metro homicide detective Phil Ramps said]
"Everything points to her being dead. There are things leading us in one direction, leading us in another direction. We can't discount Earl having some knowledge. There was a history of violence there, and their living arrangements, and strained relationship.

"It still bothers me about whether he was really forthcoming with us."

The passing years since Fox's death haven't been quiet for Hill. The events of Oct. 29, 2003, ensured his life would never be peaceful again.

In an arrest warrant affidavit filed by veteran Las Vegas Homicide Detective Ken Hardy, Hill admitted drinking heavily, packing a chrome .22-caliber derringer, and picking a fight with his roommate.

"Earl Hill said he went downstairs and taunted Javier into a fight by calling him a `(expletive) thief and a liar,' " Hardy wrote.

After being subdued by the larger Anguiano, Hill escaped a headlock and fired the derringer from across the room. Prosecutors surely will raise the issue of whether Hill, although a smaller man, could justify being in imminent danger from the unarmed Anguiano.

Anguiano died shortly after the incident, but not before he told police Hill was the shooter.

It wasn't the first threat Hill had made to Anguiano while drinking. Three weeks earlier, a witness told police, Anguiano had said he had awakened to find Hill "pointing a gun to his head."


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