NV Sex Offender Registry

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    Nevada Sex Offender Registry
    The information provided is intended for community safety purposes only and should not be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass anyone listed in this registry.
    You may search for a convicted offender by filling in one or more of the following fields and clicking on the Search button. It is recommended that you include the city in your search to get a localized result. Allowed searches are:
    1. Last name only.
    2. Last name and first name.
    3. Last name, first name and Address (Street name and/or City and/or Zip Code).
    4. Social Security Number only.
    5. Street name only.
    6. Street name and street type.
    7. Street name and street type and city.
    8. Street name and Zip Code.
    9. Zip Code only.
    10. License plate number and license plate state only.

    Nevada Dept. of Public Safety

Thread Status:
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