NV NV - Wellington, WhtMale 574UMNV, 35-50, off Sand Canyon Road, Mar'92 - #1

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    Yes, I noticed her username. I think we've all sent her messages.

    Hopefully she's using the same email account today. It has been quite a few years.

    I'm a bit worried she might get false hope.
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    I would not contact any J. D**ns or Vets with that name as contacting/sleuthing people who are not named as POI or suspects is prohibited by TOS. Just and FYI.
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    That was my first thought as well. Not to mention, she may use more than one email acct for various purposes.
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    There's a difference between drug smuggling and drug addiction.

    Yes, it's very possible. He might have lived anywhere in the west coast states.

    I can. My theory from the start was someone who disappeared from the East and was reported missing by family years before the actual murder. Lots of people chuck their lives and head out west to start over.

    I agree. We have other work to do. The detectives will figure this out. After the detectives solve this case, we can move onto his case if he isn't our guy here.

    It's a brilliant way to disappear. I didn't say drug jaunt. I said smuggling drugs which I mean via using his truck. (It's not unheard of for truck drivers to smuggle drugs with their loads.) If he felt he needed to disappear because he was getting in too deep or in trouble with some associates, he could have moved to the west coast and resumed smuggling again.
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    Who recommended that?!??! That's a crazy idea.
  6. Sleuthster

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    No one has recommended but I just wanted to remind anyone who does think of doing this. Especially since we don't even know if the last person he was with's real name is J.D.
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    I have four. One is strictly used for places that will generate junk mail and I never check it.
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    We should probably take this discussion to the other thread. Maybe a mod can move these posts to the other thread. I'm not sure the detectives will appreciate our derailing this thread with another case.
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    This is absolutely true and worth a repeat. Let the detectives do the detective work - they have resources and rights that we do not have. If you have contact information that may be important forward it to them.

    And worth a mention, also, is that any name we put in this public forum becomes searchable on public search engines and we do not want any innocent people becoming associated with serial killers, forensics, crimes and etc, through no fault of their own.

    Good questions for Mods by the way.

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    When I suggested we find out if Jennifer's family was from northern or southern California, I imagine we are looking for people who were dead. Jennifer is probably 60 by now. Her parents would be likely dead, based on how people die in my family and Jennifer's family not being vegetarians after all. :)

    Since Blake's sister said they were renowned, I figured they wrote books, did research, etc., back in the 70s and 80s.
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    This is the main reason why law enforcement people look down on us. Because they claim we interfere with their work. We hinder their work. We make more work for them.

    We have a rare opportunity to show we can work hand in hand with law enforcement when it comes to cold cases.

    Do not create more work by contacting people who may have information needed for the case. LET THE DETECTIVES DO THE CONTACTING.

    In fact that's my new motto, my mantra if you will, LET THE DETECTIVES DO THE CONTACTING
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    Possibly Ktsanes? <modsnip>
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    Alpha NV UID¬¬
    (p = post number on this thread that has the link to more information) *Age(ish) has been corrected to reflect death in 1990 – 1991

    Absher, Harlan D 6’1 brown age 34 #157 (p1248, 1534) dental avail (unk dna) R/O (p1584)
    Adams, Michael J 6’0 – 6’2 blonde age 24ish #168 (p1283) dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Akkerman, John A 6’0 brown age 31ish #165 (p1273) (no dental) dna? R/O (p1584)
    Alley, John W 5’11 brown age 29 (p253) #71 R/O (p1584)
    Allgood, Kim L (*aka Galloway, Randy) 5’10 – 6’2” straw blonde (p254) #72 R/O (p1584)
    Andersen, Jorgen (aka John Erik Andersen) 6’0 straw blonde – age 31ish #180 (p1325) no dental (dna avail) R/O (p1584)
    Ashby, Michael E 6’1 Red age 23 (rpt missing after date) (p222) #61 R/O (p1584)
    Ashley, Richard = R/O Dental (p117) #11 R/O (p1584)
    Atkins, Richard F 6’ 4” 175 lbs blonde age 31ish (p1314, 1325) #178 R/O (p1584)
    Baker, Jeffrey J 6’ brown (p213) #49 R/O (p1584)
    Barnett, Richard L 6’0 – 6’2 black age 52ish (p1333) #189 (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Beckstead, Donald S 5’10 brown/red age 42 #153 (p1248) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Beich, Bobby 5’11 brown (p51,103,147) #8 NamUs DNA Sample TEST NOT COMPLETE- Dental not available
    Belliveau, Edmond J Jr 6’0 brown age 33 (p227) #65 (Canada) Not In NamUs, is in Canada’s Missing, though no DNA information given https://secure.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/missin...014002875&id=0
    Birchfield, Daniel A 5’ 6’2 Straw blonde (p137) #24 NamUs DNA SAMPLE NOT AVAILABLE – Dental not available
    Bishop, Williams B Jr 6’1 brown age 55ish (p783) #107 dental/dna avail R/O Dental (p788)
    Black, David M 6’0 blonde (p158) #3 pending R/O
    Black, Michael E 5’11 – 6’1 blonde 35ish #127 (p837)no dental/dna Not in NamUs, Doe Network states dental unavailable. DNA comparison submitted
    Blake, Thomas S (previously entered in error Steven Thomas Blake) 6’3 – 6’5” straw blonde age 30 (p746, 1601, 1607) #102 no dental or dna (WS thread) NamUs NO DNA OR DENTAL AVAILABLE
    Bogart, Arden Jr 6’ brown age 24 dentals avail (p218) #57 NamUs DNA INITIAL INQUIRY UNDERWAY, No Dental
    Bonick, Peter J 6’0” 175 lbs. blonde age 37ish /dob #179 (p1321, 1334) b/1953 - MSG since 1970 (San Mateo, CA) R/O (p1584)
    Bonner, Mark 6’3 straw blonde age 24 (p544) #90 R/O (p1584)
    Bovit, Russell 5’11 – 6’1 brown age 36ish #134 (p901) dental charted (no dna) R/O (p1584)
    Bowman, William D 6’2 brown age 33 (p153) #28 R/O (p1584)
    Bratton, David 6’0 red age 27 (p300) #77 R/O (p1584)
    Breaux, Adam J 5'11 brown (dark?) age 50 (p534) #89 dentals/dna avail – R/O (p751)
    Brennan, William 5’11 brown age 39 (p245) #69 DNA TEST SUBMITTED – TESTS NOT COMPLETE
    Brookshire, Randolph 6’ – 6’3 brown age 36 #175 (p1292) WS thread dental/dna avail R/ODentals (p1295)
    Brown, Duane D 6’0 – 6’3 brown age 48ish #164 (p1273) (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Burrows, James P 5’11 brown age 25 (p834) #119 dental avail (no dna) R/O (p1584)
    Butler, Charles M 6’0 black hair? Age 46 (p242) #68 NamUs NO DNA AVAILABLE, NO DENTAL
    Butler, John A 6’0 brown age 45ish (p1331, 1344) #182 no dental (dna avail) R/O (p1584)
    Cain, Frederick 6’0 Red/Auburn age 41 (p71,216) #12 NAMUS NO DNA AVAILABLE, NO DENTAL
    Calvin, William F 6’2” 155 lbs. brown age 38ish (p1335) #192 unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Campbell, John S 5’11 blonde 25ish #214 (p1553) dentals avail
    Carlstrom, Brian E 6’0 Straw age 26 (p609) #93 dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Casey, Cecil W 5’11 – 6’2 brown age 48ish #169 (p1283) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Cassada, William B 5”11 – 6’3 red age 37 (p600) #91 R/O (p1584)
    Champagne, Edward C 6’0 blonde 31ish #215 (p1553) (no dental) dna avail
    Chouinard, Michael 60 blonde age 28 (p217) #54 NOT IN NAMUS, DOE NETWORK DOESN’T STATE DENTALS AVAILABLE
    Clarke, Michael T 6’0 – 7’ age 40-50 (p159) #36 NAMUS DNA NOT AVAILABLE, NO DENTAL
    Clements, Robert B 6’4 straw blonde age 32ish (p1333, 1335) #184 dental avail (no dna) R/O Dentals (p1345, 1484)
    Collins, James L 5’10 brown age 37ish #138 (p940) dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Collins, Stuart O 6’0 Straw blonde age 25ish #145 (p940) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Conner, Kevin L Blonde 5’10+ (age 13/71) dob ’58 33ish (p1595) #231 Dental/DNA avail (R/O p1602)
    Coville, Scott unk height blonde age 29ish #148 (p954) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Crane, Eddy R 6’ brown/grey 51ish #130 (p901) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Criner, Joseph A 6’7” age 57 *missing after date (p834) #124 NAMUS – NO DNA OR DENTAL
    Cutter, John (aka Higham, John D) 6’1 brown age 35ish #181 (p1325) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Daggett, Joseph W 5’10 – 6’1 red age 30ish #172 (p1283) (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Darrow, Dale A 6’4 – 6’6 brown age 31 #205 (p1434) dental/dna avail R/O Dental (p1476)
    Daughenbaugh, Lowell V 6’ brown/red 42ish #126 (p837) NamUs NO DNA, DENTAL OR FINGERPRINTS AVAILABLE
    Davies, Charles R III 5’11 age 24 brown missing L eye tooth (p154) #30 NOT IN NAMUS, NO DENTALS AVAILABLE PER DOE NETWORK
    Davis, Charles Edward 6' - 6'2", straw blonde age mid 50’s (p724) #95 dental avail
    Davis, Fred R 5’11 brown age 36ish #212 (p1552) (no dental) dna avail
    Davis, Randy R 6’1 – 6’2” Straw age 27 (p775) #105 (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Davis, Ronnie Odell – 6’2” – 6’3” 180 lbs RED False Teeth DOB 1953 (age 24/77) age 39ish (p1599) #234
    Dearmon, Howard 6’1 brown/bald age 52 (p208) #46 R/O (p1584)
    DeWall, Gerald Leroy – 5’10” 180 lbs Blond/Strawb DOB 1946 #229 R/O (1593)
    DiCicco, Dwayne Alexander – 5’11” 165 lbs. Brown DOB 1948 MSG since 1974 #230 (p1592) Dental info/charting not available; DNA sample currently not available
    Drinkert, Kenneth E 6’1 blonde age 55ish (aka O’Neil, Ken) #221 (p1571) dental avail (no dna)
    Eddy, Michael Rolf 6’0 brown (looks lighter) age 46 (p366) #79 R/O (p1584)
    Eder, Carl A 6’1 – 6’3 straw age 51ish (p787) #108 NAMUS DNA NOT AVAILABLE, DENTAL NOT AVAILABLE
    Egan, James C 5’9+ blonde age 21ish #216 (p1553) dental avail dna?
    Ervin, Kyle III 6’1 brown age 26 dentals/dna avail (p222) #64 R/O (p1584)
    Ewing, Michael D 6’3 blonde age 27ish #217 (p1553) dental avail dna?
    Fabian, Charles M 6’2 brown 37ish #192 (p1351) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Farmer, Greg(g) P 6’2 red/auburn age 30 (p782) #106 dental/dna R/O Dental (p786)
    Fernandez, Raymond J 6’0 – 6’1 Sandy age 47 (p357) #78 DNA INITIAL INQUIRY UNDERWAY, DENTAL NOT AVAILABLE
    Ferris, Matthew J 5’10 blonde age 21ish #206 (p1435) no dental/dna
    Fiala, Joseph 6’2 Straw Blonde (p137) #25 NAMUS DNA INITIAL INQUIRY UNDERWAY. – No dental available
    Flowers, John W (aka Gaton, John W) 6’1 brown age 44 (p231) #67 R/O (p1584)
    Franks, Ricky 5’10 straw age 31ish (p809) #111 (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Franks, Theodore M 6’0 brn? Age 25ish (p809) #110 NOT IN NAMUS, DOE NETWORK DOESN’T MENTION DNA OR DENTAL BEING AVAILABLE
    Fross, James O III 5’10 – 6’1 age 28ish #167 (p1283) no dental dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Fuchs, Paul J Jr 6’3 – 6’4 brown 38ish #194 (p1353) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Gale, Edward E (aka Long, Joe*) 6’2 brown age 36 (p604) #92 dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Galloway, Randy (aka *Allgood,Kim) 5’10 – 6’2” straw blonde (p254) #72 R/O (p1584)
    Gammelgard, Eric #207 R/O Dental (p1520)
    Garkowski, Keith M 6’1 brown age 23 #162 (p1273)unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Garmire, Brenton 6’3 brown (p158) rugged outdoorsman #32 NO NAMUS PROFILE, DOE NETWORK STATES DENTALS AVAILABLE
    Garrison, Theodore W 6’0 brown (p534) #85 NamUs DNA NOT AVAILABLE, NO DENTAL
    Gaton, John W (aka Flowers, John W) 6’1 brown age 44 (p231) #67 R/O (p1584)
    Geppert, John H III 5’10 – 6’ light brown age 33 (fx collar bone) (p377) #80 R/O (p1584)
    Gerald, Jeffrey Dean – 6’3”, 170lbs. brown Age 41ish #195 (p1363) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Goddard, Jason M 6’2 blonde (red?) age 20 (p213) #51 NO NAMUS PROFILE, DOE NETWORK STATES DENTALS AVAILABLE
    Goodman, Curtis L 6’ blonde age 33ish #140 (p940) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Gove, Michael B 5’9 brown age 41 (p217) R/O Dental/height (p221) #53 R/O (p1584)
    Greenshields, George H II 6’1 brown 32ish #143 (p940) dentals charted dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Guarro, Richard W 6’1 – 6’2 brown age 39 (p790) (miss’96) #109 no dental/dna NAMUS DNA NOT AVAILABLE, DENTAL NOT AVAILABLE
    Guy, Timothy J 6’1 – 6’2 brown age 22ish (p834) #122 NamUs NO DNA AVAILABLE, NO DENTAL
    Haffner, Steven A 5’11 brown age 34ish (p832) #116 NO NAMUS DNA OR DENTAL
    Hagel, Roy J 6’ brown age 38 (p222) #58 R/O (p1584)
    Hagen, Titanic Magnussen – 5’11” 150lbs. Blond/strawb. (DOB 1953 MSG 79) age 46ish (p1595) #232 (R/O p1603)
    Haines, Joey Johnathan 6’1 straw blonde age 26 (p259,266) #74 WS thread R/O (p1584)
    Hanrahan, Gerard 6’ brown/grey 50ish dental – (p1299) R/O (p1584)
    Harp, Michael Daniel – 6’0” 160 lbs Lt Brown Age 37ish #219 (p1566) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Harten, Marten van (aka Van Harten, Marten*) 6’3 blonde age 34 #142 (p940) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Heines, Clinton 6’3 blonde age 32 (p222) #62 NO NAMUS, DOE NETWORK STATES UNKNOWN DNA OR DENTAL
    Herring, James E 5’10 – 5’11 brown age 43ish #163 (p1273) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Hickman, Wayne W 6’1 brown age mid 30’s (p403) #83 R/O (p1584)
    Higham, John D (aka Cutter, John) 6’1 brown age 35ish #181 (p1325) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Hill, Allan C 6’ brown age 34ish #166 (p1273) no dental (dna avail) R/O (p1584)
    Hilton, Jack A 5’10 blonde/red age 33ish #217 (p1553) no dental dna? R/O (p1584)
    Hinz, Gregory 6’ straw blond 37ish (p1363,1383) #196 age dna/dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Hitchcock, Richard E D red/bushy age 21 (p748) #99 dental & dna avail – R/O Dental (p767)
    Hodgkinson, Eulan R Jr 6’2 – 6’5 brown age 34ish #173 (p1283) (no dental) dna no submit R/O (p1584)
    Hoffman, Allen A 5’10 blonde age 25 (teeth #3,14,30) (p202) #37 R/O (p1584)
    Holmen, Curtis A 6’5 blonde/red age 31 (p218) hair looks close #55 NOT IN NAMUS, DOE NETWORK DOESN’T MENTION DNA OR DENTAL
    Holmes, David Charles – 6’2” 160 lbs blond Age 48ish #197 (p1363) unk dna/dental R/O (p1584)
    Huffman, Christopher = R/O dental (p277) #4
    Hughes, Steven L 5’11 – 6’3 blonde age 53ish #210 (p1552) unk dental/dna
    Humphrey, Gary 5’11 grey age 50 unk dna/dentals #176 (p1299) R/O (p1584)
    Jensen, Ralph R 5’11 – 6’1 brown age 45 (p1333) #185 no dental dna? R/O (p1584)
    Jeppson, Reed Taylor – unkn adult ht/wt Blond Age 41ish #224 (p1568)
    Johnson, James Richard – 5’10”-6’0” 160 lbs. Blond Age 33ish #225 (p1573) dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Johnston, Frank H 6’ brown age 32ish (p1333) #183 (no dental) dna submit R/O (p1584)
    Johnston, Michael G 5’10 brown age 42ish #211 (p1552) (dental avail) no dna R/O Dentals (p1554)
    Johnston, Sidney E 6’0 brown age 47 (p534) #86 Not in NamUs, Doe Network doesn’t state Dental Available
    Jones, Curtis W 6’0 – 6’1 red age 47 (p129) #19 *DNA requested R/O (p1584)
    Jones, Jerry V 5’10 brown age 29ish #125 (p837) (from S.C. to Cali) dental avail NamUS No DNA Available, Dental Available – no images
    Kays, Harvey A 5’11 brown age 51ish (p832) #115 dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Keefer, John D 5’10 brown age 48ish #170 (p1283)unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Keen, James R 5’11 brown age 25 #174 (p1283) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Keith, Hester M Jr 6’0 grey age 50ish #151 (p958)dental avail (no dna) R/O (p1584)
    Kellar, Robert R 6’0 brown (close in color) age 20 (p383) #82 R/O Dentals (p1293)
    Kirby, Keith A 6’1 blonde age 24ish #204 (p1434) unk dental/dna
    Kiser, Rodney L 5’10 auburn/brown 34ish #129 (p843) no dental/dna NAMUS NO DNA OR DENTAL
    Kreyche, J = R/O dna (p29) #1
    Kuhlman, Robert Lewis 6’4 red age 34 (p691) #94 dentals avail
    Kula, Richard C 6’0 – 6’1 straw blond age 34ish #186 (p1333) no dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Laan, Peter 6’0 blonde age 30ish #191 (p1333) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Lackey, Jerry W 6’2 dark blonde age 42ish (p834) #121 no dental/dna NamUs NO DNA SAMPLE AVAILABLE
    Lamb, Steven Paul – 6’0” 125 lbs. Brown Age 30ish (p1524) #208 no dental/dna (p1524)
    Laine, Monte (aka Skalsky, Monte Laine) 6’2 brown #154 (p1248) age 28 R/O (p1584)
    Lango, John F 6’1 red 23ish #135 (p903) (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Lasker, Dennis J 5’10 brown 40ish straight teeth no dna (p843) #128
    Leach, Randy W 6’ brown age 22ish dentals/dna avail levi’s (p222) #59 R/O (p1584)
    Lee, Randall D 6’ light brown age 36 (p745) #101 dental & dna avail R/O (p761)
    Livingston, Allen L 6’2 brown age 27is (rept missing after date) (p748) #98 no dental or dna
    Long, Joe (aka Gale, Edward E*) 6’2 brown age 36 (p604) #92 dental avail
    Longman, Randy W 5’11 brown age 27 (p222) #60 NAMUS INFORMATION, DOE NETWORK DOESN’T REFERENCE DENTAL
    Lopez, Gordon B 6’2 – 6’5” Dark Brn to Red age 21 (p71) #15 R/O (p1584)
    Lovely, David V 6’4 brown(red?) mid 20’s (p208) #42 R/O (p1584)
    Lutas, George 6’ brown age 26 (p256) #73 R/O (p1584)
    Manley, Wayne George – 6’0” 160 lbs. brown Age 29 (p1363) #198 unk R/O (p1584)
    Manns, Mitchell 6’1 brown age 40ish (p832) #117 (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Marshall, John Marin – 6’2” 195 lbs. brown Age 37ish #199 (p1363) unk dna/dental R/O (p1584)
    Martin, Blake L (aka Nex, Blake R) 6’2 brown age 38 #156 (p1248) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Matthews, Paul A 5’11” Red age 26 (p71) #16 NOT IN NAMUS, DOE NETWORK STATES NO DENTALS AVAILABLE
    McDonald, Scott E 5’11” brown age 28ish #148 (p954) no dental (dna ?) R/O (p1584)
    McBee, Randy David – 6’0” 150 lbs. brown Age 43ish #200 (p1363) R/O (p1584)
    McFarlin, Thomas L 5’10 – 6’3 red/brown age 34 (p157,193) #31 R/O (p1584)
    McFry, Jeffrey S 5’11 brown age 23 (p834) #120 NamUs NO DNA SAMPLE AVAILABLE NO DENTAL
    Meer, Douglas = R/O dna (p29) #2
    Mergen, Michael F 6’1 brown age 24ish #146 (p940) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Merritt, Mark A (aka Rusty) 5’11 – 6’3 black (p1333) #190 unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Meteer, Michael E. – 6’0” R/O (p1585)
    Meyer, Richard S 5’10 dark brown age 39 (p218) #56 R/O (p1584)
    Michaud, Thomas A 6’1 brown/bald approx mid 30’s (p380) #81 (p1280 info) R/O (p1584)
    Miller, Charles H 6’1 blonde age 39 #158 (p1248) no dentals R/O (p1584)
    Mize, David W 5'10 brn age 28 #88 (p534) dentals/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Moody, Thomas 5’11 brown (p158) #34 NOT IN NAMUS, DOE NETWORK STATES DENTALS UNAVAILABLE
    Moreau, Timothy D tall red hair age 21 (p208) #43 R/O (p1584)
    Morris, Larry Marvin – 5’11”-6’10”(?) 155-170 lbs. Brown (auburn/curly). DOB 1949 (age 25/74) (p1596) Dental avail not entered DNA avail
    Morris, Teddy 5’10 brown missing teeth (p158) #35 R/O Dental (p194)
    Morrissey, Liam 5’10 brown age 26 (p809) #114 dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Morse, Alan 6’2 brown age 21 #161 (p1273)dental charted dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Mosley, Rodger K 5’11” red age age 33 (p832) #118 no dental/dna NAMUS NO DNA OR DENTAL
    Negeulourart, Louis 6’1 brown age 54 (p202) #39 NO NAMUS, DOE NETWORK DOESN’T MENTION DNA OR DENTAL
    Nex, Blake R (aka Martin, Blake L) 6’2 brown age 38 #156 (p1248) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Newcombe, Ralph A 5’11 brown age 35 (p213) #48 R/O (p1584)
    O’Brian, Barry B 6’2 brown age 34 (p257) #74 R/O (p1584)
    O’Carroll, Jeffrey L 5’10 – 6’ age 36 (p208) #41 R/O (p1584)
    O’Neil, Kenneth E 6’1 blonde age 55ish (aka Drinkert, Ken) #221 (p1571) dental avail (no dna)
    O’Kane, Timothy R 6’2 – 6’4” brown age 28-34, (P118, 233) #9 R/O (p1584)
    Packard, Stephen Locke – 6’3” 180-190 lbs. blond Age 35ish #201 (p1363, 1383) (unk dna) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Page, Gordon T 6’0 – 6’3” brown (p111) #18 R/O Dental (p121)
    Parker, David E 6’0 – 6’3 brown age 62ish (p1333) #187 no dna/dental R/O (p1584)
    Parker, Johnny L 6’0 blonde 41ish #14 (p940) (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Patterson, Kenneth B 5’9 – 6’2 age 28 (p137) #22 NamUs DNA Sample Available – NOT YET SUBMITTED
    Pearsall, Steven R (aka Sahlim) 6’3 brown 45 (p766) #103 dental/dna avail R/O Dental (p768)
    Peranteau, Clifford R 6’1 blonde age 23 (p60,157,197) #10 NO NAMUS PROFILE, DOE NETWORK STATES NO DENTAL, NO MENTION OF DNA
    Peters, James Lee 6’1 blonde age 30ish #222 (p1571)no dental dna?
    Peters, James Ronald 5’10 blonde age 21ish #223 (p1571) dental/dna avail
    Polk, Gerald 6’1 brown #160 (p1273)age 26 dental/dna avail R/O Dental (p1477)
    Post, Stanley 6’0 brown (p158) #33 R/O (p1584)
    Preston, David 6’3 blonde age 30 #159 (p1247) dentals avail R/O (p1584)
    Proctor, James L 6’ brown age 47 (p208) #44 R/O (p1584)
    Ranken, Brian = R/O Dental (p36) #5
    Rawls, Samuel R 6’2 blonde/auburn age 20ish #171 (p1283) dentals/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Reed, John Charter 6’3 blonde age 40ish #226 (p1582) no dental/dna
    Robinson, James E 6’1 brown age48ish #188 (p1333) unknown dentals R/O age/time (p1513)
    Robinson, Luke 6’0 – 6’2 brown age 24 (p154) missing 2 teeth #29 R/O (p1584)
    Rodziewicz, Joseph T 6’ – 6’2 brown 35ish #132 (p901) missing top 2 front teeth dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Rouse, Terry 6’2 brown age 24 (p834) #123(no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Rudziankou, Siarhei 6’2 blonde age 33 #155 (p1248) unk dental/dna R/O (p1584)
    Selby, Douglas H 6’0 – 6’2 brown age 39ish #141 (p940) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Simmons, Jack Red/Auburn age 24 p71 Not Considered (p190) #14 R/O (p1584)
    Simmons, Douglas S 5’11 brown age 21ish #152 (p958) (no dental) dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Simons, John J 6’1 brown age 35 #138 (p910) dental charted (no dna) R/O (p1584)
    Skalsky, Monte Laine (aka Laine, Monte) 6’2 brown age 28 #154 (p1248) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Sloat, Rodney L 6’1 brown age 31 (p227) #66 (Canada) NO NAMUS (CANADA) NO MENTION OF DNA OR DENTAL
    Smith, Jerry Dale – 5’10” 165-175 lbs. Brown Age 41ish (p1524) #209 (no dental) dna avail
    Smith, Luther V 6’0 sandy (p202) #38 R/O (p1584)
    Smith, Michael (p135) #20 R/O Dental (p142)
    Sparrow, Timothy 6’3 Red/Auburn age 40 (p71) #13 NamUs DNA Submitted – Tests Not Complete/No Dental
    Spencer Dean T (p45) – Temp R/O (not at this time) #7
    Spring, Randy C 5’11-6’ Straw age 28 (p773) #104 dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Stack, David A 6’0 R/O (p1585)
    Stanfill, Alan K 6’ brown(curly) age 27ish #139 (p940) (no dental) dna submit R/O (p1584)
    Stansberry, Clyde E 5’11 brown red/auburn age 44 (p246) #70 R/O (p1584)
    Stack, David Arthur – 6’0” R/O #227 (p1585)
    Stonecipher, William C 5’10 blonde age 32 (p222) #63 NAMUS DNA AND DENTAL UNAVAILABLE
    Storkson, Billy 5’9 age 36 (p216) #52 R/O (p1584)
    Strassburger, Dale W 5’8 – 6’2” Straw Blonde age 35 (p137) #27 NAMUS DNA OR DENTAL NOT AVAILABLE
    Strehle, Richard Edward – 6’2” 170 lbs brown Age 45ish (p1363, 1383) #202 (dent R/O (p1584)
    Stricklin, Michael K 6'1 brown age 30 (p534) #87 no dental NamUs – DNA INITIAL INQUIRY UNDERWAY
    Strutton, Patrick T 5’10 red age 45ish #213 (p1553) dental/dna avail
    Taylor, Patrick K 5’6 – 6’1” brown-blonde age 32ish (748) #97 R/O (p1584)
    Teets, Charles 5’11 – 6’2” brown 42ish #131 (p901) dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Thompson, Robert J 6’0 grey/bald age 56 #149 (p954) dental avail R/O (p1584)
    Tilley, Greg S 6’4 light brown age 22 #150 (p958)dentals charted dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Tuomi, Steven W unk height blonde (looks very red) age 29ish (p748) #96 NO DENTAL OR DNA, NO NAMUS
    Turpin, Daniel R 6’ brown age 26 (p213) #50 R/O (p1584)
    Van Harten, Marten (aka Harten, Marten van) 6’3 blonde age 34 (p940) R/O (p1584)
    Vaughan, Wallace L 5’10 brown age 27 (p144,145,146) #21 R/O Height (p150)
    Vonderheide, Ronald A 5’10 light brown age 27ish dentals (p809) #112 R/O (p1584)
    Vucurevich, Milan Jr 6’5” brown/grey age 44 (p267) #76 NO DNA OR DENTAL NO NAMUS PROFILE
    Wagner, John W 5’10 brown (p204,209) R/0 (p219) #47
    Wakefield, Bradley J 6’1 brown (p208) #45 NamUs DNA SUBMITTED TESTS NOT COMPLETE
    Wall, Bennett Irvin – 6’3” 180 lbs. Brown Age 32ish #220 (p1566) no dental/dna
    Wallace, Donald B 6’ brown age 37 #133 (p901) dental/dna avail R/O (p1584)
    Ware, Kenneth T 6’ straw blonde age 22 (p137) #23 NamUs DNA – Sample Not Available
    Widner, David B – 6’0” 190 lbs brown Age 47ish (p1363, 1383) #203 dental/dna avail
    Wikel, Wayne F 6’ brown age 48 (p744) #100 (no dental) dna initially submit NAMUS DENTAL UNAVAILABLE, DNA INITIAL INQUIRY UNDERWAY

    Willow, Bruce M 6’1 brown age 30 #136 (p910) dental charted dna not submit R/O (p1584)
    Zinza, James 6’1 sandy (p38) #6 R/O (p1584)

    *Note only 89/235 have not been ruled out to date!
  14. wenwe4

    wenwe4 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks siriunsun!

    Posters actually found the artist.
  15. PoirotryInMotion

    PoirotryInMotion Registered Muser

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    Thank you wenwe4--I completely depend on your updated list so as not to duplicate when plodding through 50 states' worth of NAMUS records. :blowkiss:

    So as to allay fear (especially Tricia's)...no one's contacted anyone that I'm aware of except another member (several of us via PM).

    Hah, got you beat. ;) Have 10--only 3 of which I read daily for personal and professional reasons. Multiple gmail accounts are the only way to stay organized. (JMO)

  16. RickshawFan

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    Just joining this thread at the request of a poster on another thread. I can't make out if the origin of the pack has been located. Could someone maybe post a photo of the pack fragments, so I can get caught up? Thanks!
  17. PoirotryInMotion

    PoirotryInMotion Registered Muser

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    The fragment that was found was a t-shirt fragment that had the same artist's design as a rucksack found on Etsy by equestrianista. It is assumed that the design (by Jim Kitson, 1975) that was sold to the company for use on the rucksack was also a design used on t-shirts. I'll post the two photos below:

    Photo posted on NAMUS of the t-shirt fragment found on the victim (around neck and upper arm):

    Etsy backpack photo found by Equestriana:

    This is a makeshift tee put together by Steleheart incorporating the hawk design in question:

    If anyone has a Twitter account, it'd be great if you could circulate the tee photo above with a note about the investigation by Nevada LE (and $2500 reward if you think that'll help). I've posted a variety of tweets about it, the simplest one being this one:

    If u recognize this shirt u might have info worth $2,500 to NV detectives: http://on.rgj.com/1FU979M #Missing Pls #RT

    The link above takes the person to the article about the detective's work on this. *Also include a link to a Photobucket photo of the t-shirt pictured in the article. Pictures get attention. Here's a Photobucket link for you if you want to use a photo with your Tweet:


    It'll take you to my Photobucket album. Once there, click on the IMG link to the right (the last of 4) which will copy an IMG url for you so you can paste a photo into your Tweet.
  18. mmarty

    mmarty Verified Law Enforcement Nevada

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    We greatly appreciate your help on this case. It has helped us more than you will ever know. That being said, please, if you have a lead or a tip and think it needs checking or vetting, forward it to either LCSODETECTIVES or MMARTY and my partner and I will take care of it. I am posting this because this is something very important. All of this information is public. The killer, for all we know, could be reading this forum as we post. My partner and I are trained professionals who take the risk that comes along with this job. We can not authorize any of you to "take police action" on our behalf, nor do we condone that. Much like we can not share all of the information with you, there are reasons we must be the ones to contact people in this case. Web searches are fine, talking to experts is fine, but contacting victims, witnesses, people of interest or otherwise are not actions that we can condone.

    Thank you all again for your help in this and understanding. Don't stop the good work of research you all are doing. Stay the course. We will solve this case.
  19. wenwe4

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    Sweet concise recap of the tee shirt fragments, image courtesy of Equestrianista, Steleheart's image of the graphic on a tee, Poiro!

    Seems the submissions of missing persons has slowed down dramatically as we are exhausting many of the known clearinghouses. Some of us have been digging into the each State's missing person's databases. I have personally searched the following:

    doenetwork 1986 - 1993
    Charley Project
    DOJ website
    Utah State website for missing persons
    and then matched (or attempted to) the corresponding Namus link.

    I know other posters have searched individual State websites for missing persons (not listed on the alpha list post #1653). Currently, the alpha list contains everyone who has been suggested on this board and if they have been Ruled Out by LEO.
  20. carbuff

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