NY – Ex POTUS Donald Trump, sued by E. Jean Carroll, DT found liable re sexual assault, $5M award, countersuit dismissed, appeal rejected, 2023


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May 20, 2013
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Awh, not yet. I would guess that he's going to wait until Tuesday night too post that he plans to give his tremendous evidence, but the judge who hates him and is out to get all good Americans and destroy the broken justice system won't allow him to.

Heh! T is so predictable.

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May 15, 2013
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Judge tells jury it has option to return one of several verdicts​

The Guardian’s Chris McGreal has been covering the trial of the civil lawsuit filed by E Jean Carroll alleging rape Donald Trump, and has more on the many ways the jury could decide the case:

The jury has the option to return one of several verdicts.

It can find that Trump raped Carroll, who was in the front row of the court on Tuesday. Alternatively, if it does not believe the evidence proves rape, it can find he is responsible for sexual abuse, meaning forcible sexual contact without consent.

If the jurors do not believe either of those findings are applicable, then they can return a verdict of forcible touching, or they can clear Trump. If they find Trump is responsible for sexual abuse in any form, the jurors will also have to assess damages.


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Feb 26, 2020
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the judge who hates him and is out to get all good Americans
He always throws in "Out to get US" to include all of his disgruntled fans to whip them up into a frenzy of hate so they support him even more. They feel like THEY are being attacked as well so it shores up his support. Everything he does is calculated manipulation.


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Jul 31, 2014
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How long do you all think they will be out?
I'm guessing before dinner time. I don't think it will be a quick one.
IMO, it's going to seem like forever, and may take days, because:

(1) The verdict has to be unanimous amongst the 12 jurors, although they have 2 chances to come to agreement since they are deciding on 2 different charges

(2) It's a civil matter with accusations from an alleged attack that occurred long ago (as opposed to a criminal matter with more recent circumstances that seems like it would be more straightforward, but IANAL/JMO), and there are 2 different charges with long backstories to consider and weigh evidence/witness testimony

(3) It's an extremely high profile case with the unusual if not rare circumstance for the judge to determine the jury members should remain anonymous, so also high pressure on the jurors to be meticulous

(4) The case seems so "fraught" with gameplaying/gamesmanship and unorthodox moves by the accused -- e.g., his posts on HIS privately owned/controlled SM platform during the trial that smack of a dismissive attitude towards the plaintiff, her case, and judicial system in general, with it appearing as if DT is attempting to counter everything in the court of public opinion that was validly laid out in court by the Plaintiff's lawyers and testimony and witnesses, his unwillingness to show up in court or testify