NY - $250m fraud against Former President Donald Trump, Trump Org., Eric, Donald Jr., Sept 2022, Trial 2 Oct 2023

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Curious what he'll say when under oath in the courtroom.

He's making a statement in the courtroom lobby for his fans since there are no cameras in the courtroom. He's really taking advantage of this moment, imo.

He said, "You should go after this attorney general" before saying, "thank you very much, everybody. Thank you, thank you."

Good grief.
The prosecution and defense have now both concluded their opening statements and the court took a 10-minute break as of 11:40 ET.

Both Wallace's opening statement for the prosecution, as well as Kise's for the defense, were shorter than expected, not nearly reaching the two-hour mark they were each allotted.

Within their time, Wallace and Kise both gave detailed accounts of the president and his company's financial statements. There were notable differences in the valuations cited by the two lawyers in their respective statements.

As the trial took a break, Trump got out of his chair and walked out of the courtroom, bypassing AG James and not even looking at her.
Trump is back in court following the break. He walked past James who was looking in the other direction, so the two did not make eye contact.
Trump fraud trial live updates: Hearing underway after former president calls civil case a 'witch hunt'
Videos of New York Attorney General Letitia James talking about suing Donald Trump were being posted on the former president’s social media account while he sat inside a Manhattan courtroom for the civil fraud trial that James brought against him.

Trump is arguing that the case, which began Monday, is politically motivated.

In one video, James can be heard saying, “Oh we’re going to definitely sue him. We’re going to be a real pain in the *advertiser censored*.”

In another clip, she says, “What is fueling my soul right now is Trump.”

The videos are posted on social media platform Truth Social.

“New York embarrassment Letitia James is politically targeting President Trump,” the text in one video reads. “Letitia James is abusing her office.”
Live updates: Trump civil fraud trial in New York begins

Well, I mean he would know about abuses of office ;)
Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Chris Kise pointed to documents from Deutsche Bank showing the bank valued Trump’s net worth $2 billion less than Trump did – but still gave him a loan.

Kise argued that the difference in the valuation shows that it’s a normal in commercial real estate to have large differences in financial valuations.

“This is what happens every day in this city,” he said.
Kise noted that despite the $2 billion difference in the estimate of Trump's net worth between their own independent analysis and Trump’s, the bank still underwrote the loan for Trump.

"They were eager," he said.

Trump’s attorneys plan to call witnesses from Deutsche Bank as part of the defense, including Rosemary Vrablic, who was the lead on Trump’s account.
Live updates: Trump civil fraud trial in New York begins
I'm so confused about cameras!

Kaitlan Collins

And the judge overseeing Trump's civil fraud trial has just denied the request from media outlets to allow a camera in the courtroom for opening statements.

I really don't agree with the judges in some of these Trump cases not allowing cameras in the court room. He is an ex-president, and the trials in which he is involved have significant ramifications ----for this country. They should make an exception here in New York and in Florida- Don't know if there will be cameras allowed in D.C. re: Jan 6 trial.
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