NY Bus Converted Into Oven for Matzos

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    SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (AP) - It wasn't your typical fire. When police responded to a report that something smelled of smoke in the middle of the night, they found an old school bus that had been converted into a supersized oven for Passover matzos - complete with a smokestack, exhaust fans and working fire.

    A building inspector said that while the bakery bus wasn't nearly up to code, it was "very creative."

    The derelict red-and-white bus, connected by a plywood passageway to a single-family house, was out of sight of casual passers-by in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood and had apparently escaped the notice of authorities.

    Its owner, Rabbi Aaron Winternitz, said Monday he had been making the unleavened bread there for three Passovers and was eager to do the same this year, with Passover coming up in a week.More

    I normally dont usally ppost more than once in this section,but i just had to put this up here
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