NY NY - Cathleen Krauseneck, 29, Brighton, 19 Feb 1982

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Stella, Dec 29, 2013.

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    That is heartbreaking.

    I found a page that looks to be some sort of monthly circulation or newsletter. It describes itself as a "non-profit, public benefits organization serving families and friends of homicide victims." There was a special done on Cathleen Schlosser Krauseneck by her friends, classmates, and family. It describes her life as a child and her school years. I'll skip that part for times sake but her murder is detailed in her special. It also talks about her husband and their marriage. It says:

    "During high school, Cathy fell in love with an upper class-man and married him shortly after graduating. She and her husband eventually moved to a suburb of Rochester, New York, and began their lives as a young married couple. What happened with the couple from the time they graduated and began living in New York, is sketchy according to her former classmates and friends, because they had all gone their own ways. It is known that during this time, Cathy became the mother of a daughter.

    It would appear to be the storybook life she, like most other little girls during the 50's, always dreamed about. Unfortunately, life had drastically changed in the early 1980's, and many of these Cinderella stories would never become a reality. Most, not nearly as tragic as that of Cathleen Schlosser. Reportedly, there were growing difficulties and tension in the marriage. Opposing sides, would have different stories about who was at fault. At any rate, life was not working out the way Cathy had dreamed and hoped for.

    On February 19, 1982, according to Cathy's husband, he left the house, as he did every morning, and went off to work. When he returned home from work, he discovered the lifeless body of his life; she lay in the couple's bed with an axe embedded deep within her skull. Their toddler daughter had been walking around the home unharmed.

    The Rochester Police Department worked diligently on Cathy's case and do have a prime suspect, but were never able to arrest him for the brutal murder. Former Brighton Police Chief, Thomas Volckl, worked on the case from the beginning. When he retired, he stated in an interview that Cathy's unsolved murder was one of the cases that bothered him the most.

    When the 1970 graduating class of Mount Clemens High School celebrated their 40th reunion, they reflected upon those classmates that have passed on. The greatest of these is the tragedy that ended Cathy's young life. Her family and classmates have so many question and are desperately seeking answers and justice.

    Today, the current Police Chief in Brighton, New York- Mark Henderson, is asking for your help. If anyone has information about the brutal murder of Kathleen Schlosser Krauseneck on February 19, 1982, please contact him at (585) 428-7033. The man who murdered Cathy must face the consequences of his actions. Justice must be served!"

    Here is the link to that page:
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    Was her her hubby ever a serious suspect?
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    I agree

    Times, also seem off in this case, indicating that there was a possibility she could've been killed before her husband left for work

    One article states the recently moved to that area as well, which would make it unlikely they'd accrue many enemies , unless that had anything to do with them re-locating in the 1st place, however a lot of things don't add up to the presence of an intruder

    The offender, apparently "broke in", the back door but didn't wake the victim up didn't harm the child, she wasn't sexually assaulted, there's no presence, of ANY sexual component to this crime, nothing was stolen, though there was clearly silverware, most likely more valuables available to take which indicates, that she was the target

    The choice of the weapon is interesting in an of itself

    Unless it was by happenstance, which cant be ruled out, but seems unlikely, and more pertinent that the offender, had prior knowledge, of the existence, and location, of the weapon within the residence.

    Now Its not uncommon for a burglar to arm themselves with a weapon inside a residence, the most common weapon is a kitchen knife, that was out in the open (IE block), or something they come across while going through the residence, (scissors etc..)

    If we are to assume this was indeed a break in then we need to establish the motive for such

    -Why break in in the early am?, unless they know the victim would be alone with the child

    -Though things were "disturbed" nothing of value was taken , so burglary/robbery seems unlikely

    -The victim, wasn't sexually assaulted with no indication of any sexual activity at the scene ,so sexual homicide can be pretty much be ruled, out

    -The child wasn't abducted from the residence, so abduction for ransom/sexual exploitation can be ruled out

    -No fingerprints, indicates 1 of 3 possibilities,

    1) The weapon was wiped down-indicating her killer knew their fingerprints would be found

    2) the killer used a covering on his /her hands

    3) Or that fingerprints were on the weapon , however any fingerprints found on the weapon are supposed to be there and weren't suspect

    Which would explain the lack of any fingerprints, found in the house as well

    Other than a NEED to kill the victim, there's not much evidence to support any other theory

    All indicators seem to point to personal cause homicide , someone angry with the victim

    Why bash someone's head in with an axe when they are asleep?, you could do virtually anything to an unconscious victim?.

    And if they are such a sound sleeper that they could sleep through someone breaking in the back door, then why not just grab what you can and run.

    Another interesting fact is that it was a single strike to the victims head, however, as you can pretty much discern from any of the "gore" sites that are out there , people have survived, being struck in the head with ALL kinds, of objects.

    Its not certain the victim would die, which to me indicates, that the offender, would possibly stand and wait till the victim, bled out, flee the scene immediately, or strike the victim again .

    So we have to assume, someone broke in to kill the victim, did she have any enemies? seems that this would be an obvious point to look into , but nothing is listed

    In any case, the killer would most likely have, gotten some of the victims blood (possibly tissue) on them.

    Given this was the AM hours, (Daylight) I think it would've been a real risk to exit the house, with the victims blood on your person primarily if you weren't someone who belonged in the residence at that hour

    Unless they cleaned up prior to leaving, which would indicate, comfort at the scene . I didn't see any indication, the sinks/showers, were tested for the presence of blood (though I hope it would've been done, its a common practice)

    recently moved to the area
    no known enemies
    victim found inside the residence
    weapon originated from inside the residence
    unlikely weapon of opportunity when others were most likely passed up
    personal cause most likely
    staged scene to throw off investigation
    unlikely time for a break in
    no sexual assault
    no theft though valuables were disturbed
    child present yet unhurt, not abducted or sexually assaulted
    weapon wiped down while still imbedded in the victim
    times, given by husband are suspect

    If I were lead investigator, wed be having some LOOOOOONG talks with the husband to clear up those time discrepancies
    See if any insurance claims had been taken out
    Talk to friends, and family to see how their relationship was
    Did anything recently happen?
    Were either of them seeing someone else?
    What was the reason for the move ?
    Did they argue that morning or the night before ?
    What is their financial situation?
    Did the neighbors hear anything prior?
    Were there any similar crimes in the area ?
    Who would know where the weapon was ?
    From the point of entry would the most likely path to where the victim was located bypass weapons of opportunity?.. IE did they walk by knives, etc. to get the axe?

    Just some things to ponder
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    great thoughts all round!!!!
    I am questioning the child-------could the child get out of bed or crib unassisted, wearing a diaper or toilet trained, was child hungry, dirty diapers in garbage,
    And I am all about timing and windows of opportunity-----did they have the newspaper delivered?? news carrier see anything or hear anything???
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    Brighton Police renew efforts in 1982 Krauseneck murder case


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    That husband is guilty as sin.

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