Deceased/Not Found NY - Dominick Pendino, 37, Newburgh, 3 March 1999 *Chrysler & Weygant guilty*

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    The authorities believe they know what happend to Dominick and two men have been tried and convicted for his murder. However, his body has not been located. They actually are have been searching MY HUBBY'S AUNT AND UNCLES FARM FOR HIS BODY. ( I will post links to news articles in a seperate post)

    Basic Information
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    DOB: May 22, 1962
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 180 pounds
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Other: Head shaved, left arm injured

    Last Seen: Date: March 3, 1999
    Time: 5:50 a.m.
    Location: Residence, Town of Newburgh, NY
    Miscellaneous: The morning Pendino left his residence, he was on his way to work.
    When last seen, Pendino was wearing blue jeans, black sneakers, a blue "Auto Auction" T-shirt and a green waist-length coat.

    If you have any information, please call:

    Agency: Town of Newburgh Police Department
    Address: Town of Newburgh, New York
    Phone: (845) 564-1100
    or e-mail the information to:
    Please include your
    name, address and
    telephone number.

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    Cops comb farm for body
    Pendino was murdered in '99​

    By Heather Yakin
    Times Herald-Record

    Montgomery – In the woods and fields on old farmland between Browns Road and Stone Castle Road in Montgomery, cops searched yesterday for the remains of Dominick Pendino.
    It was on March 3, 1999, when Pendino, 37, vanished from the driveway of his Town of Newburgh home. He left pools and droplets of blood behind, enough for police to conclude that he was dead.
    Two months later, Town of Newburgh police arrested two of Pendino's friends in the murder, Gregory Chrysler and Larry Weygant. In 2000, they were convicted of murder and conspiracy to sell marijuana. It was proved at trial that they killed Pendino because Chrysler mistakenly believed Pendino had given police a tip about Chrysler's marijuana business that led to Chrysler and his wife getting arrested.
    But Chrysler and Weygant never talked, and Pendino's body has never been found.
    A new anonymous tip triggered yesterday's expedition off private Lotocke Drive, little more than a dirt trail leading into fields where the bases of last year's cornstalks lay dead in the mud. The fields fit a description that's haunted the case: A dirt access road to secluded fields on an old farm.
    If anyone dumped a body here, they did so without the owner's knowledge, police said.

    More at link
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    Status Missing
    First name Dominick
    Middle name A.
    Last name Pendino
    Date last seen March 03, 1999 00:00
    Date entered 04/16/2011
    Age last seen 36 to years old
    Age now 52 years old
    Race White
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 68.0
    Weight (pounds) 180.0
    Dental Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered
    DNA Status: Sample is currently not available
    Fingerprint Information Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

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