NY - Edward Liriano, 23, Woodside, Queens, 16 May 2016

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    Edward Liriano, 23, vanished Monday from the NYCHA Woodside Community Center at 50-19 Broadway.

    He has limited verbal ability and distinctive ways of walking and sitting that could help passersby recognize him and help bring him home safely. When walking, Liriano strides on his tip toes and when seated he rocks back and forth.


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    Does he have the capability of traveling alone? Get on a bus or a subway or train ? Would Edward know how to get home ? What would attract him or frighten him ? Would he shy away from a dog or reach out an pet one? Would he be drawn in by a Burger King or McDonalds ? Does he have a MetroCard, bus pass or some cash on him ? There had to be video of Edward leaving the facility---what direction did he head ? Monday was cold and very windy on Monday..hope he had a warm jacket.

    Why did he leave ? Did he just wander out ? Or was a group supposed to go on an outing and he headed out by himself? Is there a busstop near by? How does he arrive at the center each day ? Did something upset him ?
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