NY - Explorer Henry Hudson - Was He Murdered?

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    This is on MSNBC's home page today. Eventhough I live along the Hudson River I don't know much about Henry Hudson and certainly did not know about the speculation he was killed by his crew.


    On trial for Hudson's murder later that year, the remaining crew admitted to cutting the captain and a group of individuals still loyal to him loose on a small lifeboat, according to court documents.
    None of the men was convicted of the murder or even punished for the mutiny, and historians generally believe their claims, too. But some physical evidence points to a more violent end for the captain, Mancall believes.
    Mancall highlighted evidence that was found and documented after the ship docked in London: blood stains, most damningly, along with letters from another sailor mentioning the growing personal rift between captain and crew. A number of Hudson's possessions were also missing.

    More at the link above
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