NY - FIT student, 22, charged with terrorism after campus scare, New York, 6 Apr 2019

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    Student, 22, charged with terrorism after shooting scare at New York's FIT | Daily Mail Online

    A 22-year-old student has been charged in a shooting scare at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

    Noah Lee posted a video to Instagram on Friday waving what appeared to be a handgun to the camera.

    upload_2019-4-6_22-37-42.jpeg upload_2019-4-6_22-37-54.jpeg upload_2019-4-6_22-38-8.jpeg

    He then ended the video, which showed him in a stairwell on campus, with the words: 'School shooter, Thank god its Friday.'

    According to several local news reports, the video was recorded at FIT, but when is unclear.

    In response to the video, FIT issued a 'shelter in place' warning to all students and teachers from about 6pm to 7pm.

    Social media postings showed students hiding in classrooms, closets and the dining hall, reported CBS 2 New York.

    Police found him an hour-and-a-half later at a Barnes & Noble book store one mile away near Union Square. They recovered a pellet gun and a gas mask.


    Lee has been charged with two counts of terrorism, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of criminal possession of a firearm, reported The Hollywood Reporter.


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    FIT student charged with terrorism after campus gun scare: police

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