NY NY - Hasie Hasan Ahmeti, 26? New York, 1961

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    Hasie is listed as missing person on an Albanian Missing Person Facebook page, She is not listed on any other missing persons sites and its not clear whether she's ever been officially reported missing.

    Gjurmet e Jetes - Traces of Life - Albania

    Translation from link above...

    Hasie Hasan Ahmeti
    Birthday: 1935
    Birthplace: Gjirokastra
    Last footprints: 1961 from New York, America

    In 1943, at the age of 9, Hasija left the Manalat neighborhood of Gjirokastra for a short vacation in Palermo, Italy. At the college of nuns in Palermo, where she also lived, she enrolled as Pjerina Hasie Hasani. During this period an Italian newspaper wrote about two Albanian girls who had learned Italian well and accompanied the article with their photograph. One of the girls was exactly Hasie Ahmeti. She sends this newspaper to Albania, which her mother kept with a lot of love. It is later learned that she continued her studies at a medical high school and during that period often sent letters to the family but written in Italian. In 1953-54 she emigrated together with a group of Albanians to New York where she continued her studies. In 1960 she got engaged to a Greek citizen who worked on a Greek merchant ship. In 1961, Hasia asked the family for a certificate to get married, but the family could not send it to him after the correspondence was interrupted for political reasons.

    If you have any information about it, please contact us in the inbox or send an email to: gjurmetejetes@gmail.com
    Your anonymity will be fully preserved

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    Hmmmm. Intriguing.

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