NY - Jeanene R. Bowman, 17, Buffalo, 10 Feb 1977

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    This is all there is: working on getting in touch w/ Buffalo Unit.

    Victim: Jeanene R. Bowman
    Age: 17 (at time of her disappearance) Missing Person
    Case Description: Missing since 2-10-1977.

    Mod Add: http://www.bpdny.org/home/community/coldcase
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    Thanks for adding this name and please update when you get more info. I am thinking of Caledonia Jane Doe, in case Tammy Alexander doesn't match, I like having more names to research.
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    Jeanene was a normal teenager. She loved to laugh and enjoyed spending time with her family and friends. She had her own place and was excited to be beginning a new time of her life. Then she was gone.

    She was not the type of a girl who would take off without telling her family. It was not her way to simply disappear. She loved her family, and her family loves her. Her mother died without ever having the answer as to what happened, she died without knowing where Jeanene was. No parent should ever have to wonder where their child is. Every parent deserves to have answers.

    Now Jeanene's sisters have taken up the search. They want to know what happened to the sister they love so deeply. They want answers and they are certainly entitled to them. We are currently waiting for a photo of Jeanene, and the Cold Case Squad Of Buffalo is working to get one to us as fast as they can. They have been very willing to cooperate with our attempts at getting Jeanene's information out there.

    For now, this is what we do know. Jeanene vanished on February 10, 1977. There have been many rumors floating around about where she might be. Jeanene's sisters are not buying into any of them. They know that if their sister was alive and able to contact them, she would. We all know how rumors are. One ounce of fact mixed with a cupful of guesses that when stirred together make a nice fairy tale.

    Jeanene Bowman is a black female who was 5ft 4 in. tall. She is described as having a thin build. She was 17 yrs. old at the time that she vanished. She had a black mark on her shoulder and a scar on her left cheek. Her sisters have given DNA swabs and they are currently being processed. As soon as her photo becomes available we will update her album to include it. Her case number is 26363. Please, if you knew Jeanene or if you know where we can find her, let us know so we can pass that information on to her family.

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/WeWontForgetThem/photos/?tab=album&album_id=960475320633172 (written 3 years ago)
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    Per law enforcement - 17 year old Jeanene Bowman was last seen by family members while living with boyfriend. Boyfriend told relatives she went to meet someone and never returned.

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