GUILTY NY - John Hotaling for child pornography, Sharon Springs, 2005

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Texas Mist, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Some times judges do use common sense & think of the victims, not just the perps!...I wish I could copy/paste the entire article as it's so short...but suffice it to say, the convicted felon's insistence that his sick "fantasizies" (minor girls' faces that had been photoshopped onto adult bodies) "didn't actually hurt children" did *not* fly! The judges didn't buy his b.s. argument! :rocker:

    While there was no evidence Hotaling distributed the images, the three judges say they showed six identifiable girls, putting them at risk of psychological harm and damage to their reputations.

    more here,245268
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