NY - Kaylin Gillis, 20, shot and killed in car in wrong driveway, Kevin Monahan, 65, homeowner, in custody - Hebron, 15 Apr 2023

Every day, I'm more horrified by people. What goes through someone's mind to think that this is an appropriate response to a group of young women turning into your driveway??

I wondered if he was drunk or high, but that doesn't seem likely. He shot her from quite a distance, with great accuracy, so assume he wasn't impaired. Human garbage.

From the CNN article above

A judge remanded Monahan back to police custody at a bail hearing last month. Prosecutors argued Monahan’s confrontational and compulsive temperament should be taken into consideration and requested Monahan be returned to police custody without bail, CNN previously reported.

Where does he get the idea it's ok to be angry and confrontational? He murdered an innocent person. Did he expect the police and prosecutor to just forgive him?

If he was so paranoid, he should have installed a basic gate with a lock at the end of his driveway.
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I admit to not taking a gun safety course in some years but did they change the rule about being responsible for ones target and what’s beyond it? If this man was in such fear he probably could have made a gate for a reasonable cost.
Again, very sad case. Also again, I don't understand why the home-owner was threatened by a group of kids driving away from his house - obviously they realized they were @ the wrong home. What an horrific over-reaction to an understandable situation. This entitled idiot is a murderer - hopefully he'll go to jail for an extremely long time.

I also agree that if this guy didn't want to deal with this type of issue (apparently it had happened before) - he could easily have installed some kind of a gate, etc. Sure, that's a hassle, especially for the home-owner who would need to keep opening & closing the gate whenever he/his family left the house. But, it would have been a deterrent & would have kept people from mistakenly pulling into his driveway. Well, it's too late now.

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