GUILTY NY - Mary Jane Leman, 41, found buried in NYC building, 17 Oct 2005

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    The man who allegedly beat his girlfriend to death in Brooklyn and then buried her in concrete in Manhattan tormented her for months - once attacking her with a power drill and a metal hook, relatives said yesterday.
    The abuse was so brutal that when Mary Jane Leman, 41, went missing about two weeks ago, her family immediately suspected Charles Tolarba, 43, had killed her.

    "I asked him what he did with the body," said Leman's brother, John Mick, 54, recalling a confrontation with the suspect about a week ago.

    Leman never filed a protective order, never called the cops and asked her relatives not to intervene.

    The building's handyman, Charles Tolarba, 43, allegedly dug the creepy, water-filled hole to hide the body of Mary Jane Laman, 41.

    After putting Laman in the hole, Tolarba poured in cement to cover her grave, investigators said.

    Tolarba confessed to the crime, saying the couple fought violently about another woman with whom he was involved, cops said. "He told us where we could find the body," said a police spokesman.

    Cops unearthed the remains in the 150th Street building, owned by the other woman's grandmother.
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    He Entombs Gal Pal - And Gets 3 Years

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    3 years? How?!?

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