NY - Rookie Officers Perform CPR, Save Life Before Christmas

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    Rookie Officers Perform CPR, Save Life Before Christmas
    By Randy Gyllenhaal and Dan Stamm

    NBC10 cameras happened to be nearby when the two rookies and one vet rushed over to help.
    The unidentified victim was slumped over in his car, unconscious and having trouble breathing.

    The officers grabbed their CPR kit and immediately went to work. In a situation like this -- time and oxygen are precious.

    “I started feeling a heartbeat, because I was on the chest,” said Alderfer.

    “We finally got his pulse back and he started breathing on his own,” said Donahue.

    “it's not the academy any more, this is real life, this is our jobs,” said Alderfer.


    “It's the reason we took the job to help people,” said Alderfer. “In the simplest form policing is public servants, it's what we do. The fact we were able to do something, and to think we helped save a life, there's nothing better than that.”
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    Officers Donahue and Alderfer...:cop::thumb::applause:

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