Found Deceased NY - Samantha Humphrey, 14, was in the area of Riverside Park at night, Schenectady, 25 Nov 2022


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Jul 31, 2014
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I wish there was more publicly available from LE at this point a month after Samantha's body was found, but here is some additional detail pending from a "source close to the investigation", so not confirmed by LEO:

"Pair Of Socks: A source close to the investigation tells Anya that early in the investigation police located a pair of socks in the same area where Samantha’s jacket had been found along the Mohawk River, and that DNA belonging to a person who was well known to Samantha was lifted from that pair of socks.

DNA: Three sets of DNA had already been linked to her jacket. One set belonging to Samantha and another to an adult male who is currently being held in the Schenectady County Jail on an unrelated matter. The owner of the third set of DNA has not been shared with News 10, and it is also unclear if it is the same DNA that belongs to the person connected to the socks."

Source: DNA on socks found in river match person well known to Samantha Humphrey

Thinking of Samantha and her loved ones, waiting to hear more on LE's continuing investigation soon. MOO