NY - Shawn McWhorter, 43, fatally shot, burned on Queens street, 29 Aug 2015

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    Firefighters called out to a street in Astoria, New York early Saturday morning found a burning body. It was revealed to be 43-year-old Shawn McWhorter. he'd been shot twice but investigators had little clue to who killed him except for a snapped fingernail found on his body.

    Shawn's girlfriend Dawn McIntosh lives close by and told investigators she hadn't seen him that day as he'd failed to show up as arranged. While speaking to her though, police noticed Dawn had a fingernail missing.

    McIntosh eventually confessed to shooting her boyfriend and setting fire to him because of his alleged infidelity and money he'd borrowed from her. She's been charged with murder. Although she persuaded her son to help, they were unable to move the heavy body very far away from the scene of the crime. McIntosh's son has been charged with tampering with evidence but her daughter who witnessed the murder will not be charged, police say.

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