GUILTY NY - Skyler Ninham, Anthony Stewart for beating, robbing elderly man, Syracuse, 2010

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Donjeta, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Haddad is his lawyer.

    The fixation on the seven cents annoys me. I'm sure he might think he's been treated unjustly for the rest of his life and say it was only for seven cents and it's not fair, waah... But I assume it is just an accident that their victim happened to be carrying seven cents. It's probably not that he had millions and the robbers chose to take just seven cents. Bet they would have been quite happy to rob thousands of dollars if they could. So IMO the articles should forget the seven cents. Harsh or not, the sentence is not only for seven cents but for assaulting, robbing and threatening an elderly man.
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    I wish the punishment was even more harsh.

    My 14 year old approached me with this story last night, so I already knew the media was slanting the case. I guess he thought I'd be sympathetic to the teens, but as I've said a million times, I have no tolerance for bullies, liars or thieves. It actually led to a good conversation about actions and consequences.
    I don't understand people harping on the 7 cents. The amount of money the man had on him had nothing to do with the actions of the teens. When they decided to beat him up and rob him, the kids had no idea how much money he had.
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    I think the 7 cents headline is so misleading.
    It was a robbery and the fact that they only took 7 cents from the elderly gentlemen (I presume because that's all the gentlemen had) should not matter one bit in determining the length of the sentence, IMO.
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    they punched and kicked an elderly man!!!

    this was a starter crime for them?! I'm sure after they get out, they'll be using real guns ...

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