NY NY - Sneha Ann Philip, 31, New York City, 10 Sept 2001

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    she would've likely been able to get inside the tower or at least the WTC plaza pretty quickly after the plane hit considering how close she lived (of course, assuming the woman in the surveillance footage is her)

    the IM chat with her mother ended around 4 PM on 9/10. she used the credit card to buy lingerie and bedsheets at century 21 around 6 or 7 PM, which is where the last confirmed sighting of her took place via the store's surveillance camera. we know she didn't drop off her bags at her apartment, which means she likely dropped them off at the home of someone she knew, maybe the same person she spent the night with? a lot of people assume she went out that night, but didn't she leave stuff like her wallet, cards, etc behind at the apartment? usually when you go out to a bar or restaurant, you don't want to forget your wallet. and we know she didn't use the couple's credit card again. either she did go out with someone who paid for everything, or her plan was to spend the night at someone's home. this also leads me to believe that she probably didn't have a one night stand and that she had previously met the person she was with that night. why this person never came forward? maybe they were having an affair of their own or maybe they simply don't want to get involved

    i still think the brother knows more than he's said about this whole thing. the fact that he lied about her being at the WTC site on 9/11 and talking to her on the phone strikes me as odd. why would he lie about her whereabouts right off the bat? just seems like something that a person would do if they had something to hide
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