NY - Students or servants? Ex-dean accused of abuse

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    Scholarship students allegedly were ordered to shovel snow, cook meals and wash clothes — or lose financial aid

    updated 10/1/2010 4:54:50 AM ET

    NEW YORK — One St. John's University student was ordered to make meals at a veteran administrator's home. Another withdrew cash that was delivered to the same official at a casino. A third had to answer personal e-mails — or else be kicked out of school.

    The allegations in a federal complaint unsealed Thursday were the latest in a widening scandal involving Cecilia Chang, the former dean of the Institute of Asian Studies and vice president for international relations.

    A judge jailed Chang on Thursday on forced labor charges, alleging she threatened to withdraw scholarships from students unless they did her personal chores. A bail hearing was set for Friday in federal court in Brooklyn.


    Before losing her job in June after 30 years at the school, Chang traveled worldwide as one of its top fundraisers. She was arrested on Sept. 15 on state charges she embezzled about $1 million, including a $250,000 donation from a Saudi prince's foundation.

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    Saudi Prince?:waitasec:

    That lady confused those kids as interns.

    Let's guess where the money went? The casino!

    Too bad the one student she made go get her loot at the casino didn't say they got mugged and he could have kept it.

    Poor young people. Imagine every single day worrying if mean Dragon Dean was going to pull your scholarship funding.

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