Recovered/Located NY - Yi Sun, 58, Lost Hiker Called 911, Ithaca, 16 June 2019

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    ITHACA (WBNG) — New York State Police are searching for a missing hiker Sunday night in Ithaca.

    Trooper say the hiker called 911 around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, seeking assistance, but was unable to identify where she was. She told 911 dispatchers that she is in a muddy area near a creek and could see power lines.

    Police have identified the hiker as Yi Sun, 58, of Westfield, NJ.

    She is described approximately 5’6, 140 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. Sun was driving a Beige 2002 Honda Odessey with New Jersey plate MPX26A.

    State police search for missing hiker in Ithaca

    In a news release Sunday evening, state police said it is believed Sun entered a trail off of Sandbank Road in the Town of Ithaca.

    For several hours, state police, New York State Park Police, DEC Forest Rangers, the Ithaca Fire Department, Tompkins County Search and Rescue and other agencies have been searching for her.

    Anyone who has seen Sun or her vehicle is urged to contact New York State Police at Ithaca at 607-347-4440.


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    Poor lady- I hope she is found soon! How scary, especially at night.

    I wonder how far the trail is from her vehicle?
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    At least she had a phone with her and was able to call for assistance. Hope they are able to find her. Her car has not been found either?
    Looks like Sandbank Road leads to Buttermilk Falls State Park with serval hiking trails visible. Seems a like destination if that is the road she was on.

    Here is a map of Sandbank and the State Park.
    Google Maps
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    Yay! She has been found! No information about where she was found, or in what condition, but she was found during the search:

    Update: After search, hiker found by police


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