GUILTY NY - Yovany Tellez, 23 mos, beaten to death, NYC, 19 Sept 2004

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    Boy dead in brutal beating
    Monday, September 20th, 2004

    A 2-year-old boy was beaten to death in a Manhattan apartment early yesterday - in an attack so savage it tore the toddler's liver, fractured his ribs and broke his little hands, authorities said.

    Jovann Matos lay listless inside a Harlem public housing complex while his mother's lesbian lover blew air into his mouth and pumped his chest in a desperate effort to keep him alive, neighbor Melody Walker said.

    "He was just so cold and blue," said Walker, who rushed to the boy's aid after his mother pounded on her door at the Grant Houses just before 2 a.m., pleading for help.

    Jovann, who arrived in New York from Wyoming, Mich., barely two months ago, died at St. Luke's Hospital at 2:26 a.m.

    Police were questioning his mother, Zahira Matos, and her girlfriend, 32-year-old Carmen Molina, the only two adults they found present in the 15th-floor apartment where the boy met his violent end.

    As of late last night, no one had been charged in the boy's death.

    "I don't know what happened," Carmen Molina's 34-year-old sister, Iris, said outside the 26th Precinct station on W. 126th St.

    "Zahira was a good parent," said Iris Molina, a teacher's aide at nearby Public School 125. "Both of them were good parents."

    Iris Molina left her public housing apartment at 3170 Broadway three weeks ago to make more room for Carmen Molina, Matos and her three children - Jovann and two daughters, a newborn and a 6-year-old.

    While her lover worked at a deli, Matos stayed home, caring for her kids, Iris Molina said.

    "They've always been good parents," said Janet Molina, another of Carmen's sisters. "They've never been abusive."

    The city's Administration of Children's Services had no prior history with the family, a spokeswoman said.

    Authorities in Michigan, however, investigated an allegation of child abuse logged against Matos, a law enforcement source said. It was unclear last night whether the complaint was substantiated or if any action was taken.

    Jovann died from fatal child abuse syndrome, caused by multiple blows to the head, chest and limbs that fractured his ribs and extremities and ruptured his liver, medical examiner spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.

    Walker said she was haunted by what she saw when she arrived at the apartment: the little boy motionless, his eyes shut, his legs covered in blood.

    "I'd never seen anything like that," said Walker, 26. "She

    [Zahira] never seemed like the type to do anything to any of her kids."

    Investigators rummaged through the building's trash compactor, looking for a bloody sheet and bloody rags. A handwritten note taped to the 15th-floor chute read, "Do not use compactor. Police crime scene."
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    [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]A Harlem mother and her female partner have been ordered held without bail in the Sunday beating death of the 23-month-old son they were raising together.

    Zahira Matos, 20, and Carmen Molina, 32, were arraigned Tuesday and late Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court on murder charges in the death of Matos' son, Yiovanni Tellez, three weeks before his second birthday.

    [/font][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] The boy died of child abuse that left 60 bruises on his body, three fractured ribs, injuries to his liver and a broken right leg, according to authorities.

    He was frequently beaten in connection with toilet training, prosecutors said at Molina's arraignment Tuesday.

    Authorities said Molina and Matos admitted striking the boy with their hands and a belt. They said Molina admitted she hit him repeatedly in the stomach Saturday.

    "It appears to be that there's more evidence pointing to her, that she might have been the one that dealt the death blows," defense attorney Kenneth Gilbert said of his client, Molina.

    The attorney also said the couple's apartment in the General Grant Houses on Broadway in Harlem was "rat and roach infested." He knew of no evidence of drug use.

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    Mum mom gets 20-to-life for lover's slay of tot, will serve longer than killer

    By Barbara Ross
    Daily News Staff Writer
    Tuesday, September 16th 2008, 2:46 AM

    A young Manhattan mother who allowed her lesbian lover to beat their 22-month-old son to death will serve more time in prison than the tot's killer.

    Zahira Matos, 24, was sentenced Monday to 20 years to life behind bars - at least five years more than her lover - for staying silent about the savage beating.


    Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley gave Matos, the mother of three, the tougher sentence because when she testified on her own behalf, she acted "as if she'd been shipwrecked" and couldn't summon help.

    More at link:


    Zahira Matos

    Housed: Bedford Hills
    Received Date: 09/22/2008

    Offense: 2nd Degree Murder
    Sentence: 20 years - Life

    Parole Eligibility Date & Earliest Release Date: 09/17/2024
    1st Parole Hearing: 05/2024


    Carmen Molina

    Housed: Bedford Hills
    Received Date: 06/04/2007

    Offense: 2nd Degree Murder
    Sentence: 15 years - Life

    Parole Eligibility Date & Earliest Release Date: 09/15/2019
    1st Parole Hearing: 05/2019
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