NY NY - Yvonne Torch, 31, Balmville, 9 June 2004

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    Recently driving, i had came across a sign on the street made by a family whose loved one had been murdered and the killer never caught.

    Murdered in Balmville, NY (Mid-Hudson area)


    (you have to scroll down abit pic on the right is of Yvonne, an attractive woman who had blond hair in a pink top in the photo)

    "Yvonne Torch, 31, was found murdered inside her "His and Her Hair Salon", Rt. 9W, Balmville, about 11:00AM, June 9, 2004.
    Investigators are seeking information."

    The next link below is an article on how her father is still searching for Yvonne's killer to be brought to justice.

    'May 17, 2007
    Town of Newburgh — The sign out front of Lee Slaughter's house is a letter, and a warning:
    "Murderer," it begins, in big, red letters, "Your time is running out."
    It is almost three years since Slaughter's daughter, Yvonne Torch, was killed, beaten to death in her hair salon here in Middle Hope, a stretch along Route 9W of gas stations, empty roadhouse motels and grassy meadows. A new hairdresser has taken over Torch's former space, which sits steps away from where Slaughter still lives and runs his plumbing business.
    Slaughter, 58, is tight-lipped about whether he thinks her killer still drives by the sign, which he has revised each year since she was killed June 9, 2004.
    "I hope I piss somebody off," he said. "They certainly pissed me off."
    He stays in close touch with the state police detectives assigned to his daughter's case, he said, and he has his own theories about who did it. He is keeping those to himself, he says." (more at article)

    Putting this on here, maybe some on here can dig also and try to bring justice for the killer of this mother of two girls. There is also another homicide that is unsolved around the time as put in the article above (link above)

    "Yet, Torch's murder came just days after restaurant owner Cosimo DiBrizzi was shot and badly wounded in the nearby hamlet of Balmville. DiBrizzi later died of his injuries.
    Both slayings remain unsolved, and do not appear related.
    Business owners near Torch's His and Hers Salon started a raffle to raise money for Torch's daughters. One of them was Tom Monaghan, the owner of Mary Jane's Dairy Bar. He has known Lee Slaughter for 40 years. Slaughter is his plumber.
    Yesterday, Monaghan served ice cream to neighbor Al Martin. Martin retired from the state police last year; he keeps an ear out for developments in the case. "That one always bothered me," said Martin. The investigation seems cold, he said. "There's nothing bubbling up."
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