Found Alive NYC- Kevin Karlsen Nordnes, 33, New York, 24 Dec 2018

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    Google translation from first part
    Kevin Karlsen Nordnes had disappeared without a trace in New York. Lastly, parents in Norway had contact with their son, who went to the American city on holiday on December 17, was on Christmas Eve. Since then it had been quiet. All New Year's Eve.

    - We finally got in touch with him today. He's been in hospital and they called us today. It was a news that was so good to get it almost impossible to put it into words, says 33-year-old mother, Anne Grete Karlsen.

    Turned upside down

    For several days she had tried in vain to make contact with her son by phone. The police in Bodø, where the family is from, also worked actively with the case and was in contact with Interpol and the US authorities. Tonight came the happy news.

    - Now we get a New Year's Eve as it should be. It went from sad and heavy to glorious joy. It's absolutely incredible, I'm so happy. Now it will be celebration, dinner and both one and two glasses of wine, says Karlsen to Dagbladet.

    She and her family had been worried about her son ever since they received a disturbing message a few days before Christmas Eve. They talked to him and asked him to come home.

    Google Übersetzer
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    Wonderful news. Thanks for the info.

    I wish him a smooth recovery!
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