Official swears there's no gang of lesbian thugs at his school

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    Flint -- School officials are taking action over allegations that lesbian students at Central High School and other buildings are harassing other girls.

    There appear to be more complaints and rumors this year regarding lesbians fighting and sexually harassing students, said Larry Watkins, director of the office of school safety.

    The school doesn't track incidents by sexual orientation, so Watkins said he doesn't know for sure if the problems are increasing. But suspensions for fighting and sexual harassment have included at least one fight between two girls arguing about a relationship, he said.

    In response to concerns, the district reviewed sexual harassment policies with student leaders and school officials.

    A student workshop on female aggression is slated for May, he said, and officials plan to bring in an expert next fall to talk with students about sexual harassment and same-sex harassment.

    "This issue has been building up for the past three or four years," Watkins said. "It appears to be surfacing more."

    But rumors that a lesbian gang is trying to entice straight girls at Central are untrue, he said. School officials haven't been able to substantiate allegations that sexual acts are going on in girls' restrooms.

    "We do not have a gang of lesbians at Central High School," Watkins said. "We have may have some individuals whose sexual orientation may be questionable. But, to our knowledge, we have no known lesbian gangs at Central."
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