OH - 6 month old suffering from burns and bruises

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    Graphic Video of hurt baby!

    A 6-month-old struggles to survive at Nationwide Children's Hospital after recently suffering burns and bruises.

    Grandmother's interview:

    The woman says her daughter live-in boyfriend was watching the little girl on March 25 while she was gone. Tyler Temple, 22, said the infant became hurt after falling off of a couch and hitting a coffee table, ABC6/FOX28 News has learned.


    WTH? What is wrong with this hospital??

    The baby's grandmother says she took the little girl to Doctor's Hospital. She suffered "abrasions or bruising and they sent us on our way ... Told us to give her Pedialyte and Motrin every four to six hours."
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    I'm sorry, I couldn't watch the video -- I just can't watch any child get hurt!

    I'm going to pray that this poor baby recovers and is put in a home full of love and hugs.


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