OH OH - Allen Schwartz, 71, Cincinnati, July 2001

Discussion in '2000's Missing' started by mattsmom, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I searched and couldn't find a thread about Allen Schwartz so I'm creating one. Please let me know if I've missed an existing thread.

    There is an article in our local paper today about this and I found it kind of interesting to think about. A lawyer, Allen Schwartz, came home one day in 2001 and told his wife of 40 years that he was in trouble and leaving. He had been stealing from clients for over 30 years and no one had ever caught on. He said that he spent the money on a gambling problem. If that is true, I just don't think he could have hidden away for this long so he's probably no longer alive. Another possibility is that he didn't have a gambling problem and was clever enough to hide the money and escape - in which case he could still be alive. It's an amazing story about a double life that just confirms that people aren't always who they seem to be!

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