GUILTY OH - Andrea Nance, 24, found in trunk of burned car, Columbus, 8 March 2004

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    "The body of Nance, 24, was found Tuesday morning in the trunk of her burning teal-colored car, which was pushed down a hill into a wooded area of a North Side apartment complex.

    Anyone who picked up a passenger Monday night or early Tuesday in the area of Burnell Court and Westerville Road on the North Side is asked to notify police. Nance’s Cavalier was found near the south end of Burnell Court in the Parkleigh North Apartments. The complex is south of Morse Road and west of Easton.

    Police also are interested in talking to anyone who was approached for any reason by a white male stranger during the past week in the area of Morse and Hamilton roads. Police wouldn’t give more details.

    Homicide detectives can be reached at 614-645-4730. "

    This is so sad, the sister-in-law just called in and requested a song "I'll be missing you" by P. Diddy.
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    From May 2004:

    Sellers pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and is serving 45 years to life in prison:,3697062&hl=en

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