Oh. Another lost-pup-finds-way-home-tale. Yes, but this one has added ingredients.

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by wfgodot, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Dog trekked 10 miles and survived being hit by car on a motorway to get home after he escaped from dogsitter. (Daily Mail)

    Yes, getting hit by a car on the M5 adds a little something. But also....
    Call him the Brieze, he keeps rolling down the road. The rest of the story, with a picture of the ten-month-old cross-country artiste, at the link.
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    I love these stories

    When I was a teen, and lived on the coast, my dog went missing. We looked everywhere and drove all over the place. After days of looking we ended up miles away, down near the marsh, in a town south of us. We called and called and then <shock> heard her barking back to us. It was coming from the direction of the water but we were not able to get down there on foot; it was really over grown with brambles and other nasty stuff. We couldn't get her to come to us, so we headed home. We drove back the next day to try again, but, got no barking response that time. The following day, I was down on our dock and saw something swimming up the waterway. Grabbed a boat and went out to meet my pup. :jumping:

    Now, granted, she was only 10-20 miles away and didn't travel down the highway and get hit by cars. But she SWAM home. Best dog ever. :D

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